The Year of the Pig

Nowadays, Chinese traditional culture is becoming more and more popular. The Year of the Pig in the Chinese calendar is coming soon. GS-JJ launched a new series of the Chinese Zodiac Enamel Pins as the mascot of the Spring Festival to extend good wishes for your new year.

Speaking of the Year of the Pig, you probably heard about the Chinese Zodiac Signs, while do you know its specific moral? And how many animal signs are used?

Next, let’s get to know the specific moral of the Chinese Zodiac Signs and see how the designers of GS-JJ can proficiently manipulate the Chinese elements.



【The Chinese Zodiac Signs Are in Pairs】

Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Chinese Zodiac Signs is an ancient chronology with a long history and also a method to calculate the age of the Chinese folk. It contains twelve kinds of animals that match a repeating cycle of 12 years. Those 12 kinds of animals are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. The 12 Zodiac Animals Signs were all designed in pairs sequentially to form six groups. They reflect and represent the deep expectations placed on all the Chinese by their ancestors.


Group 1: Rat & Ox

Rat & Ox

Rat represents wisdom, Ox represents diligence. Wisdom and diligence must be closely combined. If you are wise and not diligent, you will merely become petty cleverness; but if you are diligent and do not use your wit, you will be plainly foolish. So these two qualities must be combined, which is the expectation of the Chinese ancestors; it is the first and the most important group of animals.


Group 2: Tiger & Rabbit

Tiger & Rabbit

Tiger stands for bravery, Rabbit stands for prudence. Bravery and prudence must be closely combined in order to become the so-called “brave but not reckless”. If bravery lacks prudence, you will become reckless, and if you are not brave while you are blindly prudent, your prudence will change to timidity. This group of animals is also very important, so it was put in the second place.


Group 3: Dragon & Snake 

Dragon & Snake

Dragon stands for toughness, snake for softness. The toughness is too rigid to be bent; then it is easy to break. While if there is only softness without toughness, you are easy to lose your own opinions, so the combination of toughness and softness is also the ancestral precept of the Chinese dynasties.


Group 4: Horse & Sheep 

Horse & Sheep

Horse stands for perseverance, sheep stands for harmony. If a person only cares about his/her own goal and is regardless of the surroundings, he/she will inevitably bump into the surroundings, and he/she will finally not be able to achieve the goal. Similarly, if a person only patronizes and goes along well with his surroundings, he/she even will lose the direction to his/her goals. Therefore, the perseverance must be closely combined with harmony.


Group 5: Monkey & Rooster

Monkey & Rooster

Monkey represents flexibility; rooster represents constancy (Because there was no clock in ancient China. The Ancient Chinese started a new day by listening to rooster’s crow. Hence, Rooster crows regularly to represent constancy). Only when flexibility and constancy are perfectly integrated, a person with constancy is able to maintain overall harmony and order; and he/she can also continue to move forward with flexibility, which is the most fundamental point.


Group 6: Dog & Pig

Dog & Pig

Dogs represent loyalty, and pigs represent affability. If a person is too loyal to be easy-going, he will reject others. Conversely, if a person is too easy-going to be loyal, he will lose his principles. Speaking of a nation, a team, or one’s own ideal, a person must have the loyalty which is closely linked with affability, so that he/she can easily maintain the loyalty in his/her hearts.


【Ending Words from GS-JJ】

After reading this article, have you already been suddenly enlightened? Have you ever realized that the Chinese Zodiac Signs has such profound and practical moral and meaning? Nowadays, as a very distinctive part of Chinese traditional culture, the Chinese Zodiac Signs is deeply loved by people who love Chinese traditional culture all over the world.

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【Display of the Chinese Zodiac Pins】

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