When you heard about custom Enamel Pins, what shapes do you think of?  

You’ve probably seen round, oval, square, and rectangular shaped pins….

But, did you know that you can cut-to-shape to resemble an image?

Rabbit Custom Lapel Pins-GSJJ
Rabbit Custom Lapel Pins-GSJJ

That’s right!

If you want to design an animal in an enamel pin, we can cut the metal around the pin to the same shape of the image that we created for you.

Isn’t that exciting?

So, if you are an animal lover, I believe you shouldn’t be missing the opportunity to create wonderful designs.

Make your favorite animals and have them worn with your favorite outfit!

Volunteers in shelters all over America love these Animal Custom Enamel Pins.

Custom Tiger - GSJJ
Custom Tiger – GSJJ


Some Volunteers for Animals commissioned GS-JJ to create a custom set of lapel pins.

This is based non-profit organization is dedicated to saving homeless pets.

They rescue animals from the shelter and find them permanent homes.

Cat Dog Lapel Pins-GSJJ
Cat Dog Lapel Pins-GSJJ

Definitely a very good action!

Give to your volunteer’s pins, and also to your visitors.

For sure they can easily identify the people that can help them, and this will encourage the volunteers to feel more as a part of the team.

Don’t forget our custom enamel pins are also available for personal use.

Create your own custom enamel pins in honor of your best animal friend!

Or maybe, make membership pins for your pet fan clubs, fanciers, and breeders associations. Custom enamel pins work well as fundraisers raising money for your local shelter.

Black Cat Lapel Pins-GSJJ
Black Cat Lapel Pins-GSJJ
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