Halloween Fun Run for the Sussex Beacon 2017

Do you like Running?

Do you like Halloween?

Are you scared of horrible things?

Are you interested in dressing up?

Halloween Run,

You can’t miss it!

1) Halloween in Emmaus 5K

When: October 20, 2018

Where: Emmaus, Pennsylvania

Website: emmaus5k.com

Why attend:

Before the beginning of the Halloween Parade, the race will start just 30 min. At that time, there are many audiences to cheer for you. Each racer should be dressed up with creative costumes. Cash prizes will be awarded to not only runners but also best costume designers.

Emmaus 5k 111 X2

2) Spook Hill Cider & Wine 4 Mile Run

When: October 20, 2018

Where: Burkittsville, Maryland

Website: spookhill4mile.org

Why attend: YES! Burkittsville is a famous place in the 1999 thriller  << The Blair Witch Project >>. you will run through the graveyard and ” Spook Hill”. These real things will make your hair stand on end even if in the day. If you have enough courage, why not try it?

Spook Hill Paul Encarnacion

3) Monster Dash

When: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Where: October 27, 2018

Website: minnesotamonster.com

Why attend: A little T-shirt or Jacket can make your race become more motivated. You will become a monster – maybe cute or horrible. It doesn’t matter. The race needs you to attend.

Monster Dash

4) Haunted Hustle

When: October 20-21, 2018

Where: Madison, Wisconsin

Website: hauntedhustlemadison.com

Why attend: The running events are not the only type. The Spooky Duo competition is a two-day race. Meet the Haunted Hustle in Madison! After running, you can get the finisher running medals as a souvenir. The Halloween medals can also be designed in the GS-JJ, a funny custom medal maker, which has bold ideas and designs.

Haunted Hustle

Haunted Hustle Medals

5) The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race

When: October 21, 2018

Where: St. Louis, Missouri

Website: gostlouis.org

Why attend: If you have a free chance to get or eat many candies, don’t you go? If you are succeed to keep away from the Ghostbusters and zombies, you can eat candies in the finish line to meet your stomach. The first three runners will get pumpkin pie as a special award.

The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race

6) The Great Pumpkin Haul

When: October 27, 2018

Where: Littleton, Colorado

Website: thegreatpumpkinhaul.com

Why attend: Do you like pumpkin? Pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween. The Great Pumpkin Haul is very short, just 2 miles. But you should choose the pumpkin and run with them. Only the best pumpkin won’t be thrown away and the heaviest pumpkin owner will get a Halloween medal.

The Great Pumpkin Haul


Samples at GS-JJ:

Halloween Medals

7) Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon & Freaky 4-Miler

When: October 27, 2018

Where: Miami Beach, Florida

Website: halloweenhalfmarathon.com

Why attend: When you run, you can meet skeletons, bats, zombies, vampires, and werewolves. Many runners will become nurses, kittens, cops, and superheroes. After running, you can get the funny Halloween race medals. Each year, the design of medals arouses people’s attraction.

Halloween Race Medals

8) The Haunted Hustle

When: October 27, 2018

Where: Salt Lake City, Utah

Website: thehauntedhustle.com

Why attend: The Haunted Hustle is a 5k race in the dusk. You will go through foggy forest, graveyard, and horrible tunnels. Meeting zombies or else is a more common thing. But the atmosphere in the dark strengthens the horrible effects. If you can get the finish line and are still alive, you will get many prizes like custom medals, DJs, a costume party, and much more! If you have heart disease, never go!

The Haunted Hustle

9) Family Fright 5K Fun Run & Carnival

When: October 28, 2018

Where: Union City, California

Website: active.com

Why attend: Goblins! Zombies! Ghost! Enjoy a family day running! If you want to chase stimulation, you can join the zombie’s challenge and try to survive in the Zombie 5K trail. If you still have one flag (total:2 flags) finally, you will get the zombie challenge prize.

Terrifying 10-Miler & Halloween 5K-10K-Kids Run

10) Terrifying 10-Miler & Halloween 5K-10K-Kids Run

When: October 28, 2018

Where: Dana Point, California

Website: renegaderaceseries.com

Why attend: keep an eye out for the trick-or-treat aid stations with ghosts and goblins along the course. It offers about each spooky race genre that exists. After running, you can attend the pumpkin party, costume party, or else. Not very scary, you can take part in with your children.

The Halloween Candy Run

11) The Halloween Candy Run

When: October 28, 2018

Where: Dayton, Ohio

Website: halloweencandyrun.itsyourrace.com

Why attend: This is a very happy Halloween race. It is the most magnificent Halloween race. You can get a pumpkin, candies, finisher medals, pizzas, and so on. In all, you will very enjoy it!

Panic in the Dark

12) Panic in the Dark

When: November 3, 2018

Where: Lowell, Massachusetts

Website: panicinthedark.com

Why attend: If you think that running in the day is not exciting. you can join this. You will go past a cemetery and through darkened woods. There are many obstacles and zombies clambering for your body. Don’t scream!

Panic in the Dark Race

Now, Halloween will be coming soon! You must want to burn up your energy or get many candies or frightened of chasing by zombies, anyhow, you will enjoy the frightening fun in Halloween run!


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