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It is a season to wear coat and scarf…

Many people think that although pins looks good, but rarely used. You are wrong!

Practical ??? then, Lapel pins

In recent days, customers customize a lot of pins and they ask to our customer service staff … are  pins practical?

And, Yes they are. How to wear Them?

  1. Royal method – chest side

Needless to say, this is definitely the most royal way of wearing.

So, please you must remember… slightly under the collarbone is the British royal orthodox method!

Different materials of lapel pins and customize ideas.

With a little care, you can easily get to the supermodel’s It looks beautiful!

  1. Classic wear method – collar above

Collar is mainly coat collar.

Choose to wear a lapel pin on the collar, not only can embellishment collar, it also makes the overall shape to become a novel and unique.

Most  importantly, the style of exaggerated brooch will be more stylish!

  1. Charming wearing method – neckline in the middle

Wearing it like this, it can said that men’s favorite!!!

Many ladies think this method must be worn with a shirt. Definitely,  it is not true! because as long as there is a more symmetrical neckline, you can use a brooch as embellishment!

Curious Women, usually wear Enamel  pins with low chest…

In addition, dull and reserved high-necked clothing,  also can be used with a low collar, creating a more advanced sexy looking.

  1. Expensive method – around the chest

A seemingly rich way with the match!  the wearer can use the same texture lapel pin personally designed for yourself a unique necklace. This is a bolder way of matching, but can collide with the daily clothing is even more different taste of it. If you like you can try it.

    5. Sexy method – the middle of the chest

It is rather no button zipper jacket link than a lapel pin.

This mix gives the whole model exudes a trace of dangerous sexy atmosphere, but also has a neat sense of hearty.

  1. Fashionable method – the waist side

Wearing  Pins on the waist side, it should also be called ” lapel pin ” ?

Whether it is a pure black or white with or off the blue-green, a small exquisite brooch waist makes this dress lively and agile up.

In addition to compact brooches, I do not know how to match the giant brooches can also be used in the position of the waist side, or even unconventional chain with the string as a very decorative belt.

   7. Eye wear method – the middle of the waist

   When lapel pin appears in the belt position, it becomes the protagonist of the whole-body clothing, showing a unique beauty.

  1. Fairy method – decorate the hair

   Do not put lapel pins on the roll up the hair can be said that is not uncommon, but also a very test of skill wear.

  1. Practical method – scarf

Scarves, winter concave model must have a single product, with a lapel pin with scarves, instantly make your modeling fashion index to the next level, minute into snow weather fashion fairy.

  1. Smartest method – decorate hats

In addition to the winter coat, scarves, hats are also a cold cutlery, but the market uniform hat,

How to highlight the personality?

This time you can use lapel pins to embellish their hats, make their hats unique, the whole shape more Highlights!

  1. Economical method – decorate bags

Although “bags” can cure all diseases, you also felt tired to see the same bag for so long time.

If you don’t want to buy another, you can use a lapel pin to decorate it, a fine lapel pin is always cheaper than a bag Right?

  1. Striking figure – decorate halter dress

Finally, The last one, although not commonly used, near the end of year, there are so many various party and annual meetings, Party menacing. The ladies are sure to grind their fists and prepare for a stunning appearance! This time you can put on the backless dress with a lapel pin, but this time, brooch but to be behind Oh! This inadvertently revealed sexy, charming, simply Is killing the world! Quickly learn it!

Dress up is like a chemical experiment!

Different lapel pins, clothing and temperament together, always collide with some different bright sparks.

 Because of your ingenuity, become more agile wear lapel pins!

 There are many beautiful and fashionable lapel pins, if you like them, please contact us.

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