Cyber Monday Deals!

Online shopping during this Holidays is more popular…

And has become a real habit for everyone, especially when we want to make our relatives happy!!!

It is really common to find young people that prefer to purchase their goods at online stores, because it is so easy and convenient.

Therefore,  if you’re experienced online shopper… then  why don’t you try in some famous online shopping events!!

Each year, such as Folk holiday–Double 11 (also called Singles’ Day), is one of the Largest Online Shopping Day in China…

And because of this matter the store, Alibaba offered sales from a wider range and bigger brands.

In here you will find hundreds of merchants that usually are offering great promotions and gifts (like challenge coins).

Also, great discounts and deals for customers.

The shopping celebration began in 2009 with just 27 merchants then,

Alibaba claimed Singles’ Day and since then it has become the largest e-shopping day of the year for China and the world.

In just 24 hours this year, the online shopping sales cross $25 billion, marked as new record for Alibaba, beating all of its previous records.

The day started to become something almost like the busiest shopping day– Black Friday sales in some Western countries.

Now it’s far bigger than that of both America’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined which is the world’s largest one-day online sale.

“Cyber Monday” is an interesting term.

Created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online, the day is after the Thanksgiving holiday.

With the development of mobile technology, mobile shopping visits will top the desktop because buyers are not will to purchase deals in the crowd of retail industry.

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Good news to share with you, GS-JJ mobile web pages are under upgraded construction now, and will be okay for our mobile consumers soon.

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