One of China’s Most Famous Treasures is the Myriad Forms of Kung Fu.

We know well the Chinese Kung Fu from the action movie of The Legend of Bruce Lee mostly. Chinese Kung Fu always with its strong mystery for attention both at home and abroad, popular all over the world.

Chinese Kung Fu Medals

Here we would like to talk about one kind of Kung Fu, it’s the Tai Chi, a form of Chinese traditional martial arts, which you fight with your hands and feet. According to related research, patients who have suffered a stroke may be able to recover some of their lost balance by practicing Tai Chi.

As we all know, all Chinese Kung Fu is good for health. It’s not only good for the mind and body but also can be a method to relax and do physical exercise. In 2006, Tai Chi was listed in the first national non-material cultural heritage lists. It plays an important role in Chinese Kung Fu. Now in China, more and more older people take Tai Chi as their morning exercise in daily life. You can found it in the park almost everywhere.

Besides, there are many martial art events will be held every year in China. And we have received similar order for the event. The below custom medal is one sample for clients, die struck with unique rose pink color, and with a 3D high detailed Tai Chi master on the surface. To meet their special needs, we print two Chinese fonts on this sandblast medal. If you need to make custom medals, don’t hesitate to contact GS-JJ. We have soft enamel medals, hard enamel medals, antique medals, and sandblast medals for your choice.

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