Do not know how to choose medal plating in customizing medals?

Do not know how to distinguish the medal plating in making medals online?

The following explanations will help you finish your custom medals well.

Popular Plating: Shiny Gold & Shiny Brass

  • Shiny Gold Finish for Medals

Gold plating is an unnecessary process of adding a thin layer of gold to the metal. The shiny gold finish is very bright plating. Its color looks like the color of the eye of wheat, which is yellow. It is usually used in shiny & sandblast medals, soft enamel medals and hard enamel medals. It is real gold but it uses less, so it hasn’t the value of gold.

Gold usually symbols honor, glorious moments and success. If you customize 1st medal, finisher medals or awards medals. Gold plating can be seen everywhere.

  • Shiny Brass Finish for Medals

Shiny brass is the second choice for medal owners. Its color looks like moss, which is light green. It is mainly used in shiny & sandblast medals and custom enamel medals.

If you want your medals to be different, shiny brass plating is a great attempt, especially when you make your graduation medals online.

Personalized Plating: Shiny Silver, Shiny Black Nickel & Dye Black

  • Shiny Silver Plating for Medals

Shiny Silver or nickel is often used on custom medals. Its color looks like steel. You can easily distinguish it from the above picture. But when you get your medals, maybe it is a little difficult to distinguish from black nickel. You should watch the side edge or back of medal to identify.

It is usually used on the 2nd medals, running medals or else.

  • Shiny Black Nickel Plating for Medals

Shiny black nickel is a bling dark and can reflect lights. When it reflects lights, it seems to be silvery.

  • Dye Black for Medals

Dye black is a deep dark, and it needs to make products dyed. Dye black is not wear-resistant compared with black nickel. In addition, you can choose to dye other colors, like dye pink, dye purple or else.

If you like dye crafts, you can try it. It will make your medals very different.

Eye-catching Platings: Shiny Copper and Rose Gold

  • Shiny Copper for Medals

Shiny copper is a very deep color. It seems to be jacinth. Copper looks like burning in the furnace.

  • Rose Gold for Medals

Rose gold is a kind of pink color. But the color is very light.

How to Distinguish Different Colors in Custom Medals?

1. Watching the margin of products carefully.

2. Whether it reflects light or not. You can put them in the sun, you will get the answer.

3. Comparing with different products and looking through the production details.

FAQ about Custom Medal Plating 

Q: Will the plating be faded on the award medals?

As times goes by, plating will lose the original brightness. It is common.

Q: How long medal plating will last?

Generally Speaking, plating can last up to 2 years with proper protection.  

Q: How to keep medals with plating for a longer time?

1. Please keep away from oil and chemicals.

2. Do not expose it to the water.

3. Do not store it with other metal products to avoid friction.

4. Please wash it regularly if you want to keep your award medal as a collection.

Q:Do you have other platings in making my custom medals?

Most medal makers will offer several medal platings for you to choose. At GS-JJ, we offer over 10+ medal platings as follows.

1. Antique Platings for Antique Medals:

Antique Gold/ Antique Brass/ Antique Copper/ Antique Silver

2. Shiny Platings for Custom Enamel Medals:

Shiny Gold/ Shiny Brass/ Shiny Copper/ Shiny Silver/ Shiny Black Nickel

3. Unique Platings for Personalized Medals:

Rainbow Platings/ Two-tone Finish( Gold Plating+Silver Plating)


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