Do you like traveling? Imagine climbing the soaring peaks of the Himalayas, strolling through the gentle hills of the English Lake District, or having a cup of coffee on the mysterious green terrace of Machu Picchu. How wonderful that would be. However, after the long journey, what’s left in your mind besides the photos of the beautiful scenery and food on the phone? Have you ever thought about collecting custom made challenge coins to remind you of the local beauty and scenery? Let’s talk about the related personalized coins with the following beautiful natural sceneries.


Amazing Custom Coins for England Coast

The famous cliffs are breathtaking and you can walk to the edge to experience what is called a thrilling feeling. The below picture is just for a magnificent cliff coin. When you returned home after that journey, you can use the pretty custom made challenge coins to share your experience with your friends and family.


There are also a variety of castles, such as the Solemn Dover Castle. As you can find from the coin picture, the ancient castles are so amazing. The related Dover Castle Coins are belonging to cheap coins base on the simple manufacture method.


Then, the town near the beach is always especially beautiful and friendly. You can also drink beer and feel the sea breeze next to the beach. The little boats add a touch of aura to the sea. Wow, just look at the sea theme coin with starfish and dolphins printed on, isn’t it cute?


There are also some special art and famous buildings on the southern coast, such as the Brighton Pavilion. The Brighton Pavilion reflected in the water is so beautiful. The red Brighton Pavilion quality challenge coins are so eye-catching due to the special color and word style. Normally, the coins can be kept for a life-time and they will not easily get damaged.


Of course, if you are a fan, St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton with a wonderful Soccer game is the one for you. The design of the Soccer ball shape on the back of the coin makes this commemorative coin unique. Such challenge coins for sale must be popular among travelers and audiences since the coin is the best testimony that you’ve been there.


In addition to the cliffs, there are of course flat beaches, which are especially breathtaking during sunset. You can walk on it with bare feet, and there are a lot of things to do on the beach. Especially in the evening, the entire beach is dyed golden yellow by the setting sun, and it is as beautiful as the painting.

If you travel with a large tour group, maybe you can buy some cheaper and better quality discount challenge coins.


The south coast of England is unlike any other part of England. Virtually every town on the south coast of England is perfect. In short, the south coast of England is a gorgeous treasure waiting to be discovered by anyone who likes to travel.

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