Let’s give honor to whom deserve it! Custom Challenge Coins..

GS-JJ.com, is a leader manufacturer offering custom challenge coins for the Military units, and focus in customized and personalized coins for clients.

We can put your department symbol or image, motto or names on challenge coins; they are kind of memorable gifts for your commitment and recognition.

We know the military is very patriotic, military members collect coins to remind of their pride and contribution.

US Navy Custom Challenge Coinsgs-jj.com
US Navy Custom Challenge Coinsgs-jj.com
Challenge Coins - GSJJ
Challenge Coins – GSJJ
Challenge Coins - GSJJ Veterans
Challenge Coins – GSJJ Veterans


Frankly speaking, there’s a patriotic bent to the people who visit our online store.

Also, custom challenge coins as gifts for a military graduate or retiremen.

Always from family who has never served can be a wonderful piece for them.

Many people today pay more attentions to the value of giving or receiving…

This is a awesome handmade crafted coin, which is truly unique, fashion gift.

Whether for Christmas, anniversaries, or other special occasions.

It can be pretty hard sometimes to choose that special gift for a military person.

Here are a few cheap challenge coins for the military person in your life

Maybe such as member in the Army, NavyAir Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.

They will wear with one of these specially crafted custom challenge coins with great pride.

Find wonderful gift ideas for your favorite military member or veteran.

As a  military gift what a better to use a leader challenge coins maker, GS-JJ is here to help!!!

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