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SRSC Custom Air Force Coins
SRSC Custom Air Force Coins
2" Antique SRSC Custom Air Force Coins with Rope Edge , Polished by Antique Silver Finish.
711 HPW Challenge Coins for Sale
711 HPW Challenge Coins for Sale
2.0" Soft Enamel 711 HPW Challenge Coins for Sale, Polished with Gold Finish.
Kuwait Air Force Challenge Coins
Kuwait Air Force Challenge Coins
2.0" Soft Enamel Kuwait Air Force Challenge Coins, Polished with Antique Brass Finish.
101st Airborne Challenge Coins
101st Airborne Challenge Coins
1.75" 101st Airborne Challenge Coins with Soft Enamel Crafts, Polished with Gold Finish.
Scott Air Force Key Challenge Coins
Scott Air Force Key Challenge Coins
2" Scott Air Force Key Challenge Coins crafted with Soft Enamel, polished with Silver Finish.
CJP Custom Challenge Coins
CJP Custom Challenge Coins
1.75" CJP Custom Challenge Coins with Soft Enamel Crafts, Polished with Silver Finish.
75th IS Custom Challenge Coins
75th IS Custom Challenge Coins
1.5" 75th IS Custom Challenge Coins with 3D and Soft Enamel Crafts , Polished with Silver Finish.
2-13th AVN REGT Air Force Challenge Coins
2-13th AVN REGT Air Force Challenge Coins
2.5" Soft Enamel 2-13 th AVN REGT Air Force Challenge Coins, Polished with Antique Silver Finish.
90 LRS Custom Challenge Coins
90 LRS Custom Challenge Coins
2" 90 Soft enamel coins with cut out, polished with silver finish.
Black Hawk Custom Military Coins
Black Hawk Custom Military Coins
2" Soft enamel coins, polished with gold finish.
USAF Veterans Challenge Coins
USAF Veterans Challenge Coins
1.75"Soft enamel coins with epoxy coating, polished with gold finish.
USAF Custom Challenge Coins
USAF Custom Challenge Coins
1.75" Soft enamel coins, cut-out coins with silver finish.
Air Force Challenge Coins
Air Force Challenge Coins
2.25" Hard enamel challenge coins, polished with silver finish.
United States Air Force Challenge Coins
United States Air Force Challenge Coins
1.5" Soft enamel coins, polished with silver finish.
Air National Guard Custom Coins
Air National Guard Custom Coins
1.8" Soft enamel coins with irregular shape, polished with brass finish.
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Challenge Coins
Air Force Challenge Coins

Air Force Challenge Coins

What are Air Force Challenge Coins?

The United States Air force is the largest and most technologically advanced force of its kind in the world and a troops which time and again proves itself worthy of possessing a multitude of Air force challenge coins. It is rumored that the first challenge coins were made for members of the Air corps. So, probably the Air force is the original source of the challenge coins. The long and proud tradition of challenge coins is a testimony to Air Force ingenuity. The Air Force challenge coins are originally used as a way to help identify shot down pilots over German occupied France in the first world war and have come to be a collectible keepsake for military members. Air Force challenge coins can be carried with you anywhere, and fit into your pocket every day.

History of Air Force Challenge Coins

Air Force Challenge Coins are as old as challenge coins themselves. Indeed, many of the earliest accounts of American challenge coins indicate their origins in the US Air Force. The story of the pilot who escaped his death penalty after proving he was an American pilot by showing his challenge coin is the most popular one. The French thought him to be a German spy and it was his challenge coin that saved his life. When the pilot returned to his squadron, challenge coins became a well-known tradition.

Everyone kept their most prized challenge coins on their person. At the behest of any coin holder at the bar, everyone had to produce their challenge coin. Any soldierwho didn’t have the coin, had to buy a round of drinks for everyone. So, while veterans decorate their coins in glass showcases, they tend to carry their most precious coin in their pockets, always prepared for any ‘coin check’ challenge.

In the Air Force, while different squadrons and wars have distinctive coins in their name, there is always a coin that everyone who has served in the Air Force holds dear. And that is the Airman’s coin. Trainees in the Air Force have to undergo their basic military training, at the end of which their accomplishment is celebrated with the coin ceremony. It is here that the trainees finally become Airmen. This ‘graduation’ is commemorated by presenting them with thisair force academy challenge coin. It would not be an overstatement to say that this is one of the most, if not the most popular and the most treasured Air Force challenge coins in existence.

Then, there is the First Salute coin which is also a big thing across squadrons. As the name suggests, this coin is presented to the subordinate who salutes a newly commissioned officer first. As the officer climbs the ranks, the coin becomes more and more valuable. This is an innate part of the Air Force history and it is quite common for the officers to create their own custom air force challenge coins.

Apart from the First Salute coins, many commanders create theirown custom challenge coins. They are presented to celebrate the airmen, who are committed to their duty and exemplify excellence through their work ethics and how they present themselves.

The tradition ofAir Force challenge coins started during the First World War and the officers in the US Air Force have done a commendable job of taking it forward. Today, there are hundreds of Air Force challenge coins out there. Each one of them signifies the dedication and commitment of the young men and women that are protecting the US skies.

While customers can order any type of Air Force Challenge Coins they have in mind, they can also take inspiration from some of the most popular Air Force Challenge Coins out there.Every etch and line ofthe traditional coins tells a story of the time in the past that has shaped the present we live in and continues to shape our shared future.

How to Design Air Force Challenge Coins?

Air Force challenge coins are highly rigorous and vigilant in design aspects and reflects Air force solid roots in service, excellence and integrity. GS-JJ offer military personnel a broad selection of Air Force challenging coins, including war veterans and active duty military personnel. Most traditional Air Force challenge coins are 2-inch round coins with a diameter of 38-44 mm. However, a three-inch or larger Air Force challenge coin has become more and more popular as it looks great in challenge coin display. GS-JJ can also create any custom size and shape of coins you want. If you have no idea, you can browse through our challenge coin gallery to see design examples of our work with other Air Force units. The most common plating options for Air Force challenge coins are silver and nickel. If you want to create a very distinguished and striking look for your Air Force challenge coins, we would suggest having your coins Du al Plated. We also provide laser engraving for names and sequential numbering to make your Air Force challenge coins more distinctive. Have any questions about Air Force challenge coin design, feel free to contact our team of talented custom challenge coin designers. They will help you find the design that suits your Air Force unit.

Why Choose GS-JJ to Order Custom Air Force Challenge Coins?

No matter in what situation, location, achievement or group one is likely to be a part of Air Force era. GS-JJ is the United States leading challenge coin maker and the only company that truly qualified to meet your Custom Air Force challenge coin needs. GS-JJ have unparalleled quality, exclusive offers and discounts combined with unlimited revisions and a variety of design options for your Air Force challenge coins. That will not only make it easier for Air Force unit to create their own challenge coins that meets their unique needs, but also to see why we have become the exclusive challenge coin maker for all things military. Just fill out our free Automated Quotation System online, or email us at, or call us toll free at 1-888-864-4755, and we'll get started designing your Air Force challenge coins today.

Get Customized Air Force Challenge Coins Today

Air Force, like all the other branches of the military, has a longstanding tradition of challenge coins entwined through its eventful history. Owning Air Force challenge coins is like owning a part of that rich history. The only thing that can make these coins even more magnificent than they already are is when they are exactly as per theirdesired requirements.

Air Force challenge coinsare a thing of beauty. They celebrate perfection. Well-designed military challenge coins can become a part of any revered coin collection. A well-crafted coin is not only beautiful, but also features many smart additions that make it a work of art.

Customers should keep in mind that every challenge coin tells a unique story. So, they should have a concept backing the design. A distinct physical appearance will also help. This can mean ordering coins that do not have plain vanilla borders. There are many design options available to customers and they should explore them to get a coin that is truly unique and worthy of their intended recipients. Another great way to come up with an interesting coin is to number them. Anything that comes in a ‘limited edition’ is instantly interesting. Who wouldn’t want such a coin to be a part of their coin collection? The idea is to createAir Force challenge coins that make people stop and take notice. There are many ways in which this can be achieved. All it takes is the creativity and skills of accomplished craftsmen like

At, customers can order custom Air Force challenge coins any way they like. They can get the logo they want, with the finish they desire,and indulge in any special addition they want to make. has been in the business of custom challenge coins for decades now, and during that time, they have perfected the art of capturing the visions of their customers and turning them into impeccable coins of excellence.They are here to accommodate and service their customers in the best possible way. They bring the designs to life and deliver a product that is better than what the customers have in mind. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that exceeding customer expectations has become a norm for them. There is so much to choose from at and each time, they ensure the best of products.

Irrespective of the type of coin the customers are looking for, can deliver the goods. All they have to do is share their designs or let the masters create a memorable design for them. Within a few days, they will receive a challenge coin thathas been tastefully created just for them, to be cherished for a lifetime.

And If you are interested in other challenge coins, such as Military coins, Navy Challenge Coins, firefighter challenge coins, Police challenge coins, Corporate challenge coins, Bottle opener challenge coins, Law Enforcement challenge coins, Army challenge coins, Marine Corps challenge coins, Coast Guard Challenge Coins, Honor Coins, also do it.

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