The US Highway sixty-six (Route 66) is kindly called “the road of the mother” by Americans. Route 66, from Chicago, Illinois, across California, Losangeles, Santa Monica. Full length of route 66: 2448 miles (about 3939 kilometers), Michael Wallis, a scholar who studied route 66 for more than 60 years, said: “the route 66 is to the American nation, like a mirror; it symbolizes the hard journey of the great Americans.”

route 66 patches
route 66 patches

Route 66 at the end of the nineteenth century was just a dirt road. In 1926, the US government invested in the intermittent road connection, which lasted for more than ten years and was finally completed. During this period, it coincided with the Great Depression of the western world. This project has provided tens of thousands of jobs to the United States in difficult times and has become a life-saving resource for many workers. Route 66 was first built on November 11, 1926, and was completed in 1938.

Route 66 was the main channel leading to the western United States and helped enormously in many areas along the way. During the two World war, more war-related industries were set up in California, and more people migrated from the east coast or the Midwest to the west coast to seek business opportunities. In addition to the livelihood of the people, the route 66 also plays an important role in carrying out arms; the busy and prosperous road, in the period of more people, in a continuous stream. The people who are doing business on this highway are getting richer because of the famous highway. It is precisely these people who are struggling to win the survival of the highway when route 66 is about to be replaced by the interstate highway system.

Route 66 crosses many famous attractions, such as the Painted Desert, the Grand Canyon, and the meteorite cave in Arizona. Therefore, after the war, in the 50s, it changed from the original transportation materials to the main road for Americans to spend their holidays from the east to California. Such scenic spots have gradually changed the original simplicity of route 66, but also raised the reputation of route 66.

Now driving on the historic route 66, we can see cornfields, Indian reservations, and endless deserts. Many filmmakers filming western movies choose to take a view along route 66. A trip to route 66 seemed to fall into the time tunnel and returned to the era of Western cowboys. The nostalgic will certainly fall in love with the atmosphere created by route 66 and may choose a strange pub to stop, drink a glass of beer and enjoy the simple and slow rhythm of the past.

A traveler once drove a Cadillac cabriolet, along route 66 across the United States and from Chicago to Los Angeles, which lasted nearly 2500 miles. The journey was like “the legend of the United States opened in front of you”, “though long, you would not want to go in a hurry.” For many pilgrims on route 66, this journey is like “reviewing the past and experiencing the dream of the western customs”.

Despite the long route 66, every passage has witnessed the history of the United States in the twentieth century and has also entered the lives of the American people, accompanying them to write a chapter in their lives. Route 66, witnessing the suffering of a nation, has also witnessed the freedom, courage, and enterprising spirit of the Americans.

Route 66 has an important historical significance for the American people. It has witnessed the life of American small towns in the early twentieth century, and its historical value is not only a history of the highway but also a miniature of American modernization. Route 66 is a symbol of dreams and the road to the American dream. Missing the dribs and drabs that it once brought to the American people? You can customize route 66 patches to commemorate those histories that are worth remembering. If you want to know more, you can visit our website, or email or call 1-888-864-4755 toll-free.


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