If you browse our samples about running medals, you will find that many custom running medals are made by zinc alloy. This is a wonderful material for storage!

Zinc Alloy Medals
Zinc Alloy Medals

What is Zinc Alloy? 

Zinc Alloy is an alloy based on zinc in which other elements are added. Usually, it includes aluminum, copper, magnesium, cadmium, lead, titanium, etc. The color is the same as the silver.

Notice: However, the creep strength is low and natural aging is easy to cause size change. Zinc alloy is embedded into the wood by melting method, die casting, or pressure processing.
Generally speaking, we can classify zinc alloy as casting zinc alloy and deformation zinc alloy.

Zinc Alloy is one of the high-quality material, and it is often used in customizing lapel pins or medals that have collection value and need to be preserved for a long time.

Why Choose Zinc Alloy?

  • Easy to die casting: Low melting point, good activity, easy to welding;
  • Corrosion resistance, especially when exposed in the air!.
  • Environmental friendly: Easy recovery and re-melting of residual wastes;

Why doesn’t Zinc Alloy Rust?

Why doesn’t zinc alloy rust? It is similar to the automatic defense systems of humans. When zinc combined with the oxygen in the air, it will generate a passive film in the surface to prevent the air continuously to erode the internal metal matrix, so as to achieve protection. Therefore, although you will see the surface color of zinc alloy do changes with time. However, after wiping the surface dust, it is intact as the original zinc alloy. No matter what surface erosion is, it won’t be covered with rust.

In addition, the finished zinc alloy will be plated with a layer of metal for extra protection.

What are the Features of Zinc Alloy Medals?

  • Fine Workmanship, distinct edges and corners, and crisp text
  • Strong wear-resisting, smooth surface and not distortion
  • It can have a variety of processing like plating, spraying, spray paint, etc.

These products made by zinc alloy obviously are more delicate.

Zinc Alloy Cut Out Medals
Zinc Alloy Cut Out Medals

How to Identify Zinc Alloy Products?

  • 3D Effect;
  • Cut Out Crafts;
  • Odd Shapes;
  • Size: up to 2 inches + Thickness: no more than 2 mm.

Are there any other ways to store your best running medals? Of course!

How to Store Your Best Running Medals?

No.1 Preventing exposure to harmful chemicals produced by metal medals, such as acids, oils, and chlorides;

No.2 Spaces for custom metal medals must be kept dry, free of dust, and air pollutants. Temperature in 18 ℃ – 24 ℃, relative humidity from 40% to 50%;

No.3 After a long time, metal medals will more or less have some dull phenomenon. It doesn’t matter! You can use cotton muslin to gently rub the surface back and forth, just like polishing, so as to make the surface of the protective wax layer re-glow again;

No.4 Dust on metal medals should be wiped away with a clean and soft cloth, while details requiring special care should be brushed with a soft brush or vacuumed or blown away.

No.5 To prevent mechanical damage to metal medals, they should not collide with each other. Don’t stack!

No.6 Try to keep it in a dry environment. Some copper medals will be oxidized with damp air to produce green basic copper carbonate, commonly known as verdigris.

In all, only custom medals need to be sealed and moisture-proof, which is enough to keep them for a long time.

At this time, you must keep your running medals shiny! Right?

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