Selecting material and size can help you to have a low cost when you decide to create your pins.

Take advantage of size and material to create Cheap Pins!

If your budget is limited, well why don’t you start thinking about this:

Things to pay attention,  when you are going to design.

In First Place:

  • Sizes: Whenever you are going to custom a product and produce more than one…  So you  need to know  about “the mold”, since  is where your art needs to be created, and because  it usually has a price depending of the size, so, more bigger more expensive!  A recommendation of good size and still cheap 1″

Also but not that relevant,

  • Colors: Normally if your design will have more than 5 colors, you will need to pay for extra colors..

Most noteworthy is

  • Material: The type of metal will influence the most in pricing. Because of it, the Soft Enamel material, will be always one of the better choices for you, it will offer a very good quality, elegance. Rather to other materials,  it is workable with difficult designs. In addition, it will give your a very good looking item. Although there are another cheaper styles this is one for sure you will want to look in deep.
  • Shapes:  therefore almost all designs have different shapes the manufacturer create any, but remember adding cutout to your design can have extra price.

In conclusion,

Do not hesitate in contact GS-JJ to help you with your next design. Soft Enamel, Hard Enamel, 3D or any other style we can create it for you.

Maybe, there is much much to learn about creating cheap pins, but the topics you had it!

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