Match as a tool of fire!



The principle of friction of the object, it uses strong oxidants to create the chemical activity.

 According to the records of the first match was invented in China in 577 AD, was the Northern and Southern Dynasties period.

In the beginning the ancient Chinese matches material was used by the Marco Polo period into Europe.

Later on the British Walker, in 1826 he made use of gum and water paste of antimony sulfide and potassium chloride, painted on the match stems and sandwiched on the sandpaper will produce fire.

But the early production of the match there are two very fatal shortcomings:

  1. White phosphorus is very rare and hot easily spontaneous combustion, very dangerous
  2. White phosphorus is toxic, the match of workers accidentally poisoned death. In 1852 a Swede, Taslynram improved it and invented the safety match. Phosphorus and sulfur compounds for the fire, must be coated with red phosphorus box on the friction to fire, improve the safety level.

Before the invention of the security match, people have experienced a generation of non-stop exploration.

Although now people preferred lighter, the match accompanied us for a very long time, in order to commemorate the invention of match.

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