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Do you think that you are puzzled by your custom medals? Don’t know how to design and choose my own medals for my races, clubs or teams?

I have observed 5000+ medal designs with 3 companies – crownawards, GSJJ, justawardmedals. They are one of America finest medal makers with rich experience. I want to give some suggestions for you in making personalized medals. And I hope these suggestions will help you to make your custom medal unique.


TOP 12 Custom Medallions Design For Clubs, Teams and Organizations

1. Spin Medals
2. Flip Medals
3. Glow in the Dark Medals
4. Bottle Opener Medals
5. Glitter Medals
6. Medals with Rhinestone
7. Glossdome Insert Medals
8. Segment Medals
9. Transparent Color Medals
10. UV Print Medals
11. 3D Medals
12. Cut Out Medals

knight festival spin medal

NO.1 Spin Medals

Do you see the Ferris wheel? Do you see the windmill? The rotating idea can be applied to make your own medals.

• 2 Separate Sections – inner and outer parts.
• 360° 3D rotation or 180° plane rotation.
• Very suitable for Kids races or funny running events.

california triathlon flip medal

NO.2 Flip Medals

The flip idea may be from a box, a book, a grave and a pearl shell . You can open it and close it over and over again. The shape is up to you and you will get different fantastic effects.

• Engraved on the 4 Sides.
• Heavy and Thick.
• left-right folded or up-down folded.
• Especially for Halloween running or fiesta festivals.

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Glow in the dark medal

NO.3 Glow in the Dark Medals

Don’t worry about losing your medals. You can always find it. The fluorescent material can be colored on your running medals.

• Bright and visible in the Dark.
• Especially for night running events.

bottle opener medal

NO.4 Bottle Opener Medals

Do you want to cheers with your friends after a race? Multifunctional medals like bottle opener design will start your party now. Free Your Passion!

• Open your beer at any time any where.
• Make your medal delicate and multifunctional.
• Suitable for fiesta or running races.

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glitter running medal

NO.5 Glitter Medals

Adding glitter powder to your custom medallions is a wise decision. It will make your medal shiny.

• Shiny and bling.
• Highlight one part.
• Available in pink, blue, red, white, etc.
• Can be customized for any events or occasion.

medal with rhinestone

NO.6 Medals with Rhinestone

Rhinestone really attracts attention. It can reflect different colors of light in sunlight. Even more to the point, it is a little expensive. Because adding it is totally finished by manual works.

• Blazing and twinkling.
• Very sticky and not falling off.
• Show beauty in the sunlight.
• Can be used at any events or occasions.

Glossdome Insert Medal

NO.7 Glossdome Insert Medals

This is a rush and fast way to make your medal. If you have complicated patterns, using them can be photo-realistic. And epoxy dome will protect your medals well.

• Photorealistic.
• Waterproof and scratch-resist.
• Store for a longer time.
• Very suitable for intricate patterns on your medals.

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finisher segment medal

NO.8 Segment Medals

This is a set and series of award medals. If your race is periodical, you can try it. When participants finish the race and get all segment medals, it is a fantastic experience.

• The overall design is similar but still has a slight design on each medal.
• Can be combined to get a bigger and integrated medal.
• Very suitable for a race which is divided into different parts.

transparent color medal

NO.9 Transparent Color Medals

Transparent colors are clear. And you can see the inner parts through transparent color. It looks like a glass. The color is a little light than the common color.

• Used on the intricate design scale and water ripple.
• Transparent in color in the sunlight.
• Can be combined to get a bigger and integrated medal.
• Suitable for the daily race in the summer.

UV Print Medal

NO.10 UV Printed Medals

UV print is a new technology in making race medals. If you have low budges or you just need a small quantity of medals or you need fast production, you can try this one.

• Vivid and Photo-realistic.
• Colorful and not easy to fade.
• Suitable for buyers who have limited budget or small quantity or need fast production.

3D 5K Running Medal

NO.11 3D Medals

3D is widely used in custom medals. Because it can make your medal unique instantly. They are stereoscopic. Trust me and it is definitelyworthy.

• 3D effect on the part of medal or whole medal.
• Made by die cast crafts and Zinc metal material.
• Suitable on the race for adults. ( it is heavy and not safe for kids)

cut out medal

NO.12 Cut-Out Medals

Cut out is also often used in custom medallions. When you think your medal design is unbeautiful, try cut-out medal design. It will be as good as new.

• Break tradition and add special beauty.
• Made by die cast crafts and Zinc metal material.
• Suitable on many custom logo medal design.

The above ways are not the only way to make your own medals unique and stand out. Of course, personalized medals will cost your money, but it will promote your events and motivate players better.

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