Here is a well-known story about the rose: once upon a time there was a prince who had no kindness or love in his heart, receiving his punishment to be a hideous beast. The curse given by an enchantress on the princess could only be broken by love by the time the last rose petal fell. A beautiful lady happened to be in the castle which the beast had been lived in because of a rose. Their first meeting was unpleasant. However, as time passed by, the beast learned to love and also earned the beauty’s love in return. The curse was finally broken, the beast changed back to a handsome prince and the lovers lived happily together from then on.

Beauty and Beast is a perfect romantic story of the rose and surely it will live on forever. The reason why this story can be loved by so many people and so much longer is just that love is what we want to pursue. It is believed that a man with love can be respected all the time, a good company with love can be lasted for long, and a good gift with love can be remembered forever.

I came to know such a good company making gifts named which always following rigorous procedures from material choosing, design, and making. From all the gifts, the embroidered patches make much more significant. Instead of a machine, all the embroidered patches are made by hands. It is regarded that goods made by hands one by one are sure with the whole heart and soul in China. Then the Rose Embroidered Patches are more likely to be considered as love, comparing with other rose products.

The beginning story has told us that love is found within and It is very popular to show love through the rose. Maybe you will be a little confused when choosing between real roses and rose patches. Let’s see the difference between them as follows:

Rose Patches
Rose Patches

Real rose is beautiful enough but can not be beautiful for long, while Rose Patches’ beauty can last forever. Real rose exists in garden or flowerpot only, while Rose Patches exist everywhere.

Some said rose stands for love. Others claimed rose can bring good luck. There were even those who said rose would make magic.

Whatever perfect rose patches show all your love, aren’t they?


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