Summer is coming quietly with high temperatures and blazing sun. You will feel that every cell in your body is roaring. Yes, you sweat. Summer is a season, making people manic. Do you want to cool yourself and send you to Antarctica staying with a penguin? Although it is unrealistic. If you want to stay at home and enjoy cold-blast air from the air conditioner, so what are you waiting for? Closing to water may be a good way. (Notice: if you are children or not familiar with swimming, please play with professional)

You may know swimming, boating or else. Actually, there are some other water sports. Water sports can be divided into aquatic sports, boat sports, water skiing, diving. Let’s see them!

Types of Water Sports

  • Aquatic sports: swimming, diving, water polo, and synchronized swimming.
  • Boat Sports: rowing, rowing, kayaking, windsurfing, motorboat sports.
  • water skiing: water skid, water skiing, and surfing.
  • Diving: race diving, underwater rugby, underwater hockey, etc. (In swimming pool)

finswimming, underwater orientation, underwater hunting, underwater photography, etc. (In natural waters)

Although some water sports seem to the profession, if you are guided by professionals, you can play.

Recently, there are some events around us. Have you heard about FINA? FINA is the international federation, which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

In the FINA artistic swimming world series 2018, Linda Cerruti, an Italian star, earned four gold medals, being the best in both the Solo and Duet events. Yukiko Inui, a Japanese star, collected seven gold medals.


  (Photo Courtesy: Joao Marc Bosch)

In the FINA/CNSG Diving World Series 2018, China claims seven gold medals at Kazan Diving World Series Stop.


(Photo Courtesy: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)    (resources:

Wow, swimming can be shown in this way. To some degree, it is elegant, isn’t it? Let’s see a fierce race. This water sport, dragon boat, is not about competition, and its intention is to improve the awareness about protecting Agusan River, the country’s third-largest water basin.

dragon boat

We are once scared of water because it brings disaster like a flood. Now, we love water, it brings us a lot of joy. We can play and exercise our muscles. Summer is very hot. But you have lots of choices to select, what are you waiting for? Just wearing your bathing suit and patch, then jumping into the water, finally enjoying the cool that water brings.

In the competition, there are successes and failures. Successful people will get a swimming medal for praise. Sometimes, there is no medals award. Why? It is not whether you win or lose, but how much you learn that counts! So, the host will prepare swimming medals for participants for commemorating. GS-JJ, as a big custom medal maker, has a good reputation in producing custom medals no minimum. You needn’t too fussy emails. Just make an order in Automated Quotation System. Kinds of sports medals can be customized. If you have any questions, you can directly contact our customer service. Some samples were shown for you!


medal samples

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