WESTERN COWBOY, REFERS TO A GROUP OF ENTHUSIASTIC PIONEERS IN THE WESTERN VAST LAND DURING THE 18TH TO 19TH AMERICAN CENTURY. In the history of the United States, these pioneers help to the developmen... Read More

US Rangers

The US RANGER program was developed because of the need for recognizing a trained civilian emergency workforce. The US RANGER program provides for community self-sufficiency through the development of... Read More


Donuts in the United States is still the most popular in any pastry shops or fast food restaurants are sold. People from 5 years old to 75 years old have a consistent love for it. In Asia, donuts are ... Read More

Swan Elegant Bird

Swan refers to the Swan birds (scientific name: Cygnus), a total of 7 species. In addition to Africa, Antarctica outside the continent are distributed. Swan is a winter migrant, lived in the lakes and... Read More


Jordan River Village is Israel’s only free, year-round, overnight camp for children (9-18 years old) living with life-limiting conditions (serious illnesses, chronic illnesses, genetic diseases, spe... Read More