Parents often encounter a problem that children will have a sense of boredom and lack of motivation when they study for a long time. Parents will use some material rewards to encourage their children. For a long time, however, they lose initiative because he thinks that doing anything is to get rewards, but not for their own hobbies. His appetite will become bigger and bigger if often rewarded with material. And it is easy for the child’s desire to over-expand and develop wrong values. Not to say that there is no need to reward children. The growth of children is also inseparable from the encouragement of parents. We can use spiritual rewards to encourage children, such as a kiss, a compliment, a hug, etc. Except for the language and behavior of spiritual rewards, you also can give an honor award that prints a small red flower on the reward book or give him a lapel pin. In fact, the custom enamel pin is an effective incentive that lets the child have a sense of accomplishment and stimulate his motivation.

Why custom enamel pins can motivate children?

Bright colors

Children love the bright colors and vivid pictures. While the custom enamel pins just meets this requirement and has a very strong appeal to children. According to the children’s preferences, you can choose and make unique lapel pins, children will love and cherish more.


Custom pins rewards like playing games with upgrading and playing monsters. When a child completes a learning task, he is rewarded a special pin. Each design of the reward pins can be different which can give the child a sense of freshness with no feeling of boredom on the enamel pins, and very much expecting to get it. And he can share their unique custom enamel pins with his friends.

Captain lapel pins
Captain lapel pins


Sense of honor

Each lapel pins represents a different honor, and children will be proud of the honor he has received. Each custom pins records a story of the child which lets the children have a deep feeling for the personalized pins that are obtained through their own efforts.

Cute bear custom enamel pins

Collecting value

Besides, lapel pins are characterized by a collection of psychology. A common reason for collectability is that everyone is willing to collect different things at different times which collections are rare, beautiful, and have a collectible match. In order to make scarce and effective lapel pin achieve its effect, you can limit the availability of learning badges or increase the difficulty of getting them.

Artificial Rainfall Custom Lapel Pins
Artificial Rainfall Custom Lapel Pins

Order custom enamel pins

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