We all yearn for the highest school which is the admiration and desire for knowledge. Understanding the academic culture is the first step towards it. In the academic culture, the school custom lapel pins has a very important historical status. The custom lapel pins brings school identification, and it also represents the image of the school which hides the deep meaning. This is especially true of the school badges of world famous schools. Let’s take a look at the famous schools from the school badges!


Harvard University Emblem

The dark red color of the Harvard school badges represents the color of Harvard University. Harvard Crimson is a newspaper that founded by a Harvard student in 1873. On the Harvard campus, there are light brown and dark red buildings everywhere. The old red brick house and the lush courtyard give a sense of solemnity, tranquility and harmony.

The graphic of the school badges consists of three books which are inverted triangles: the first book represents the past, the second book represents the present, and the bottom one represents the future. The combination of Latin in the three books is the word “truth.” There is a bronze statue of Mr. Harvard that is the founder of the school on the Harvard. The emblem is set on the bronze statue. He may have placed the ideal of Mr. Harvard: to seek the truth.



MIT School Emblem

The laborers next to the anvil and the scholars who hold the books symbolize the philosophy of education in the article “The Goals and Programs of Polytechnics” written by William Barton Rogers and other founders of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1860. “True cultural education should be well integrated with industrial research that is for the sake of commercial interests, culture itself and mass education.” The motto “Mens et Manus” written in Latin under the pedestal between the two (both learned Using the brain and learning to do it) and the three-line word “science and technology” on the pedestal also reflects the combination of MIT’s knowledge and practical science.

Stanford University emblem

The school badge of Stanford University is round that representing the school’s merits, academic success and harmony. The bright red represents the blood and loyalty of the Stanford people of a generation and also conveys the courage and conviction of Stanford University to continuously develop, aggressively and climb the peak of science and technology. 1891, that is the school time which highlighted the school’s long history and culture. The three stars on both sides represent the brilliant achievements of the school.

Cambridge University emblem

The Cambridge University logo design uses the precious sapphire blue as the main color that symbolizes loyalty, firmness, love and honesty. The noble school philosophy and school spirit of Cambridge are perfectly reflected. The logo is drawn from the shield which is the family emblem of the Western aristocracy what symbolizes the multiple profound meanings of glory, solemnity, nobleness and elegance. These are in line with the background of the Cambridge University and at the same time develop the gentleman with the British university inertia. Educational ideals are compatible.

The school badge graphic is based on abstract animal form and the curve exaggerated drawing makes the animal form vivid. The middle of the figure separates the figure by the color separated cross. Each area represents different geographical positions while the middle is a platform-like figure. The pattern of the eyes indicates that the eye-catching style of heroes. The figure in the middle of the cross is a “one-shaped pun” approach which combining people in Evergreen that meaning the profound significance of the school students and their school spirit.

The design of the entire Cambridge University emblem gives a noble temperament which is very appropriate for the educational philosophy of the British university gentleman.


Chicago University Emblem

The Latin original text on the University of Chicago emblem represents “chick and thick” which is to enhance knowledge and enrich your life. There is also a phoenix reborn in the fire, which means that knowledge is reborn. The University of Chicago was on the verge of bankruptcy and the situation was very miserable. No one thought that such a small school was on the verge of bankruptcy would have become a world famous school. But the people in the school did not give up and still went around for the school. Finally their behaviors moved the oil tycoon to invest in the school. The school can develop into the current scale and the spirit of never giving up in the school is moving. The reason why the school badge has been reborn is to encourage the students of the school not to give up at any time.

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