Temporary Tattoos Stickers

For centuries, many people have been motivated by religion, culture, or interest to add decorative illustrations to their skin. A common way to decorate your skin is to paint tattoos, but they are expensive, time-consuming, and painful. For these reasons, permanent tattoos are not a good option for most people. So as an alternative to permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos stickers were born. Temporary tattoos can be applied to the skin for a short time. Most temporary tattoos are made with a special type of sticker. Create tattoo images on paper with a transfer film process called screen printing. Temporary tattoos stickers can be changed at will. To apply the tattoo, users simply wet the paper and slide the photo over the skin from the background layer.

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Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Temporary Tattoos Stickers











Temporary tattoo for girls             Temporary tattoo for girls











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Temporary Tattoo Stickers Production Process and Quality Requirements

Temporary tattoo stickers are a kind of water sticker, which can only be used after being soaked in water. The principle of indirect printing is to use water as a carrier to separate the pattern from the substrate and transfer it to the substrate. Temporary tattoos stickers can be printed on different materials. But paper is usually preferred because it is more suitable for printing and processing.

Temporary tattoos can be applied to the skin, so the ink used for temporary tattoos must meet FDA requirements. Colorants for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals must meet the FDA’s requirements. After all, safety comes first.

Advantages of Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Temporary tattoo sticker patterns have characters, animals, flowers, totems, cartoons, and many other categories, customers can choose a wide range of patterns. In addition, a temporary tattoo sticker is more secure. Traditional tattoos are harmful to the skin and may cause many skin diseases. However, temporary tattoos only create patterns on the skin surface rather than Pierce into the skin, which is very suitable for many people. The most important factor is that temporary tattoo stickers are inexpensive stickers, spending only a few dollars or less and you can enjoy the perfect body art, which is air resistible temptation for many people.

How to Use Temporary Tattoo Stickers

First, you need to clean and dry your skin. Carefully clean the area with soap and water where you want to apply the temporary tattoo, finally pat it dry with a paper towel.

Second, you peel off the clear backing, leave the ink side, the side protected by the clear plastic, called the front side, and put the front side down where you’ve just cleaned it, and leave it alone.

The third step is to take a piece of cloth or sponge and press it on the back of the tattoo. Keep it in place and don’t let it slide around. You need to keep this process for at least 80 seconds.

Finally, tear out the paper carefully. First, you lift up a corner of the back of the tattoo paper so that you can see the tattoo. If the tattoo is not properly attached, you can put the cloth or sponge back and wait another 60 seconds. If it looks good, continue to peel off the paper slowly.

Friendly reminder:When the tattoo is dry, be patient for ten minutes. Don’t rush to touch your temporary tattoo; don’t bend it too much. These are to avoid wrinkles or dirty tattoos.

Demo of Temporary Tattoo Stickers

Demo of Temporary Tattoo Stickers

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How to Remove Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Removing temporary tattoo stickers is simple and here are a few ways to remove temporary tattoo stickers:

The first way is to apply a small amount of alcohol to the tattoo that needs to be removed and wait 10 seconds.

The second method is to scrub with toothpaste, but it should take longer.

Third, use a cotton swab with BB oil or cold cream to wash.

If you want to decorate your skin with tattoos, why not choose temporary tattoos stickers? Temporary tattoos have many advantages over real tattoos. GS-JJ is a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in sticker manufacturing, as well as the most advanced equipment. You can safely use our temporary tattoo because our temporary tattoos are non-toxic and FDA approved and we only provide high-quality custom stickers to our customers. Place an order with us you will get our custom stickers free shipping and free design. You can contact us by email, our email address is info@GS-JJ.com.





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