the first image of black hole
the first image of the black hole

On April 10th, 2019, the first image of the black hole appeared. YES! It has a hazy beauty. This is the big boss – Supermassive Black Hole, taken by EHT ( Event Horizon Telescope )! Many People start to design a black hole by P.S.! Is your social media app refresh? Let see the “artwork” of cyberspace.

1) Search Engine – Google

When you opened the GOOGLE in the next morning, you would find that the home page changed. A big black hole in the dark sky!

Google Black Hole
Google Black Hole

2)E-commerce Website – GS-JJ

Many e-commerce websites also joined the team. GS-JJ, a custom medal maker, uses its logo based on the black hole. It seems that their logo shines like a fire!

GS-JJ Black Hole
GS-JJ Black Hole

3) Net Friends

Many friends draw on their imagination to make their black hole more vivid. For example, black hole eye, black hole doughnut, black hole egg, and so on. You are talented!

Black Hole P.S. Match
Black Hole P.S. Match

Do you think that’s all? No. Net friends want to use their black hole picture on social media. Therefore, some people create the Black Hole Emoji!

Black Hole Emoji

Some buyers even think that dye black finish is the color of a black hole. Don’t Believe it? Comparing the two pictures.

Black Hole

How is it? The color of the black finish is the same as the one of a black hole. Blackhole is the sign!

Although they are a black hole, they are different, just like there are tall, short, fat and thin people. What are black holes classified?

a) The smallest one – stellar black hole;

b) The middle one – intermediate-mass black hole;

c) The biggest one – Supermassive black hole

If you want to know the details about the different black holes, you can read << What is a Black Hole? >>.

Now, Start to design a black hole picture and join the First P.S. Match of Black Hole 1.0!


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