Tinker! Tinker!

With gorgeous lights and happy music

Christmas is coming!


Do you want to be Santa Claus, too?

And give a warm little gift for your family or friends?

Don’t panic if you don’t know what to gift yet.

GS-JJ will give a gift list

I hope I can help you find your favorite gift.

To the delicate girls

Enamel earrings and brooches, chocolate, scented candles

No matter what festival, girls who love beauty

There’s no other requirement for gifts.

“Just beauty!”


Delicate girls are known to all that daily dress “careful machine” is beautiful and delicate jewelry!


If you want to dress up for Christmas, only know that wearing the Christmas hat is really too common!

It’s better to have snowflakes, reindeer, candy earrings of enamel pins, or Christmas custom lapel pins that can be wear on ears, sweaters, bags, or hair.

Low-key and appropriate!

enamel pins

Christmas custom lapel pins


Chocolate is a gift that will never go wrong on holidays.

What’s more, Blondel is such beautiful chocolate!


White Christmas Gift Box is unlike some colorful suits that are simple white and gold mix

On the contrary, there is an advanced beauty.

White Christmas Gift Box

The backing paper was printed with the lyrics of White Christmas and the quiet figure of an elk.

What an irresistible beauty!

backing paper

Shopping address:http://www.blondel.ch/


Candles and lights in festivals always make people feel warm.

If it’s a charming scent candle, it’s even better.

Candles and lights

Carrière Frère was born in France in 1884.

Whether it’s floral, woody or fruity,it smells pure and elegant.

Candles and lights

If you don’t want to go out in winter, stay at home, read a book quietly, or have a cup of hot coffee.

As the candle burns, it emits a desirable odor.

It’s very romantic to think about it.

Candles and lights

The simplicity of cedar, the mystery of amber, Gentle Gardenia in Tahiti, and Sweet Tomatoes, the beauty brought by the scent is really immortal.

Candles and lights

Purchase website:https://carrierefreres.com/eu_en/

To funny and cute you

Wool felt, Handmade

Childlike innocence is always believing that Santa Claus will bring gifts with elk.

Even if you have grown up and also hope to receive some lovely gadgets!

Furry wool felt is most suitable for winter.

Childlike innocence

Handmade animals, whatever they are.

They all have a warm sense of germination.

Handmade animals

Make headrope, brooch, mobile phone pendant

Every time you look at it, your heart will germinate.

Shopping address:eBay.com


Hee-hee, when it comes to lovely and interesting gifts, it must be the blind box of Bubble Matt!

the blind box of Bubble Matt

There are many series of little boys in the shop.

I can’t stop every time I stroll around.

The blind box can only depend on luck.

 Every time I open it, it feels interesting and exciting.

the blind box of Bubble Matt

The most popular Molly has many series every year, and every series wants to be fully collected(but I have no money!)

Westbound Series
Westbound Series
Royal Beast Series
Royal Beast Series

New Nutcracker Series was released before Christmas that is Sugar Plum Fairy, Godfather, Prince, Clara

Shopping address: https://www.yoycart.com/

To artists of literature and art

Ink Collection, Famous Picture Socks

Painting amateur and artists, Of course, I won’t miss you.

Ink Collection

Recently, on Windsor Newton’s website, I saw a set of ink collection suits.

Ink Collection

This series of non-carbon inks is a bright color with transparency that can also be waterproof after drying (except for gold and silver).

Ink Collection

Whether it’s colorful illustrations or pen-and-hand drawings, even Brush lettering, and the Chinese wind are totally ok!

Purchase address: http://www.winsornewton.com/na/


The artists, even socks, should be full of artistic flavor!

Socks are a great gift for Christmas
Socks are a great gift for Christmas

Surfing Star Night, Mona Lisa, Kanagawa that wears them all on your feet, one famous painting a day.


I believe no little painter would refuse such a gift!


Shopping address: eBay.com


Listed so many beautiful and lovely things, have you decided what you are going to get for Christmas?

lovely things

The reason Christmas can make people feel happy, it’s because of sharing the beauty and creating surprises.

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