Sandblast can be also called as shot blasting. It adopts a destructive processing method on the material surface, which impacts the material surface by using abrasive particles, so that the surface produces a granule like depression to form a fog surface or an erosion surface. Different coverage of sandblast medals cause different effects. In all, it can protect the products and don’t damage easily. It shows the color of metal. Usually, you will find that it is used in custom shiny medals.

  • 100% Sandblast Medals
  • 100% sandblast medals are common everywhere. Like the left award medals, at the first sight, it is shiny. Its  glossiness is good and protection is strong. It looks like delicate. It will totally present all the texts. If you only make your products special, 100% sandblast is a good way.
  • 100% sandblast
  • 75% Sandblast Medals
  • 75% sandblast medals are less used. It adopts sandblast in the some special place like texts. On the other place, it adapts polish surface. Like the left picture, its periphery and center uses sandblast, giving people a sense of depth. If you want to make something prominent, 75% sandblast can be chosen.
  • 75% sandblast
  • 50% Sandblast Medals
  • 50% sandblast medals are used in cut out medals commonly. Like the left gold medals, sandblast are used in the center. Carefully looking, there is a man riding in the house. It is to make its logo prominent. By using sandblast, it gives people visual impact. 50% coverage of sandblast can imperceptibly express what you want to.
  • 25% Sandblast Medals
  • When you needn’t many embellish while you think that there is a little monotonous. 25% coverage of sandblast can be added. Like the left Judo Yukon sports medals, designer only uses a little sandblast around the logo, which creates a separation. The product becomes differently right away. If you want to make your logo eye-catching, you can emphasize reversely – by adding sandblast around the logo.
  • 25% sandblast
  • Different Sandblast Medals
  • different-sandblst-medals
  • The sandblast is associated with the glossiness. The good it is, the shiny product will be. From the left to right picture, we can clearly find that their sandblast is different. The effect of No.1 Picture is clearly rough than one of the No.2 Picture. While No.3 medal has granule like beans. These is because factory selects different grinding materials like round one or rhombus one. Moreover, in the same grinding material, it is also different. The thicker the sand is, the rougher it is. Sandblast usually is used in shiny medals or antique medals. According to different effects, we can classified into:Fine: a delicate subtle finish with a matte surfaceMedium: a slight visual texture is apparent

    Coarse: a heavy rough finish with a slight texture or even with a granule


    If you want to represent the feature of products, sandblast is a good skill to use. The cost of is low. As for choosing different coverage of sandblast, it is up to your products and what you want to extrude. If you would like to know more information, click here :

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