Have you seen a rainbow after the rain? The sky presents a rainbow. They are arranged in order. Because rainbow symbols hope, bright and beautiful. It has some implications that do not experience wind and rain, how to see the rainbow? So many people start to use the element of the rainbow in custom products like custom medals. Some countries prepare rainbow festival to attract people.

In China, On the one hand, the rainbow festival is a running competition. People will wear white cloth. When they finish running, they will jump into the rainbow pond. Then, their white cloth and black hair will become colorful. Finally, they will be awarded rainbow medals. On the other hand, the rainbow festival could be a music festival. Some folk singers get together and show their music. They sing just for a dream. Of course, in other fields, the rainbow festival also appears, especially for children.

rainbow run

In Japan, the Netherlands, and other countries. Rainbow festival is the festival of homosexual. The gay comes together and shows their love for the people. They won’t be scared of strange eyes. They enjoy the process. Because lots of people around them are the same.

gay rainbow

In America, except for gay, there is a rainbow festival for animals. Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy is a volunteer organization devoted to using the capabilities and magic of dogs in therapeutic environments, especially with children. That’s to say, they help children to distract attention from the disease.

Nowadays, rainbow elements are used in many personalized products like custom medals, custom lapel pins, custom patches, and so on. Even if in hair accessory, or custom cloth, custom bags, etc, it will be seen. GS-JJ, as professional custom manufacture, is capable of using the rainbow to design custom medals. These custom made medals or custom lapel pins are very popular. Our good designers start to use the rainbow element to design more delicate products. If you are interested in, click here: https://www.gs-jj.com/medals/Custom-Medals.

Rainbow AAT Custom Medals

Rainbow Brite Enamel Pins

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