In the fairy tale, it is always said that the prince and princess live together happily and all the end of stories seems the same. I have heard a different story for the princess and witch some time ago. The witch is not wicked.

“I am not wicked”

Once upon a time, there was a mysterious witch who lived in a castle.  No one has dared to go into the castle. One day, the king issued an ordinance: He would entrust the beautiful princess to the person who can enter into the castle of witch bravely.

The news was spread all over the world. Many princes and soldiers took many weapons to attack the castle, but all of the weapons have dissolved in the witch’s fingertips quickly, then weapons were fell on the soldier’s head, finally, they were killed or burned, princes lose all and leave alone.

There was a young man sitting on a tall tree and watching the scene. After all the princes failed, the man jumped out of the tree and said, “I’ll try.” He threw away the only dagger, and walked to the castle unhurriedly, knocked softly and firmly, and asked, “May I come in?” The strong gate was opened gently.

In the dark castle, masked witch greeted the young boy and she said, “I am not wicked, welcome you!”. Witch took the young man around the castle that is a mysterious and beautiful place. She was a shy girl with short hair after taking off the mask. At the end of the story, they lived together happily.


Welcome you

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