As everyone knows, there are many varieties of wild animals living on the earth. Some of the animals’ histories are much longer than humans such as nautilus, crocodile, panda, platypus, etc. In the long history of evolution, some of them still keep the original appearance while some have changed a little. For those animals whose origins can be dated back to several thousands of years, we call them living fossils.

Let’s take a browse of the following three custom coins.

1. Koala Custom Silver Coins

When we think of Koala, acute, sleepy, slow figure must jump into our minds. This animal lives only in Australia and mainly inhabits eucalyptus trees. The English name Koala Bear comes from the ancient indigenous script, meaning “no drink”. Because koalas get 90% of their water they need from the eucalyptus leaves which is their food source as well. They only drink water when they are sick and dry. Therefore, the locals call it “Kevlar”, which means “no water.”

Koala Custom Silver Coins are finely processed with pure silver. One side depicts an adult Koala sleeping on the branch of a eucalyptus tree. How can you refuse such a cute creature if you can take it as your jewelry? The following cute silver koala bear necklace should be another awesome choice to keep this animal if you don’t like coins. Of course, you may get inspiration to make koala earrings, bracelets, or other accessories, too. It seems like a good match for your whole set.

Koala Custom Silver Coins
Koala Custom Silver Coins

2. Giant Panda Custom Silver Coins

The giant panda has lived on the earth for at least 8 million years and is known as the “living fossil” and “China national treasure”. As of October 2011, the number of captive giant pandas in the country was 333. The giant panda was originally eaten meat. After evolution, 99% of the food was bamboo, but the teeth and digestive tract remains intact and were still classified as carnivores.

The giant panda is the SYMBOL of China, so no wonder there are many derivative products about the Giant Panda. The image of the giant Panda has also been designed on many fashion objects.

The design of the Giant Panda custom silver coins is very ingenious. It shows two Pandas that look like a mother and her child, who is sitting on some bamboos and are embraced gently by a pair of hands. This signifies they are very precious and need to be protected. These coins should be your good choice as some valuable custom commemorative coins collection. Does the following blushing Panda watch & bracelet set to catch your attention as well? Are you captivated by the bright luster and cute Panda face? How can you miss such a beautiful gift idea?

Giant Panda Custom Silver Coins
Giant Panda Custom Silver Coins

3. Platypus Custom Silver Coins

The Platypus is one of the most primitive mammals. It is a less evolved mammal with few species. Among them, only one of the Platypus animals is one of the lowest mammals. In the late 18th century, George Shaw discovered the platypus specimens &thought that this creature was a product of mischief and was named after 1799. The mouth and feet of the Platypusare like ducks, while the body and tail are like beavers. It appeared 25 million years ago and still lives in Australia. In addition to its unique mouth, the platypus also hatches eggs, and the hind feet have stinging thorns, which can stab the attackers. It’s no surprise that early naturalists took the Platypus as a “prank”.

One side of platypus custom silver coins shows a beautiful baby Platypus in vibrant color. They also belong to the endangered species list. They won a lot of fans because of its uncommon but cute appearance. Many people have no opportunities to see real Platypus. However, you still can have them in different forms. The following delicate Platypus keychain can decorate your keys or handbag.

Platypus Custom Silver Coins
Platypus Custom Silver Coins

Do you feel the above creature ornaments are lovely? Are you moved a little by them? Do you want to have them? Don’t hesitate to order, your choice is our mission. You can visit here if want to know more.








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