Natural Mosquito Repellent Wristbands
Natural Mosquito Repellent Wristbands

How Dangerous Are Mosquito?

Summer will come with an annoying and nasty creature-the mosquito. They are not only annoying but also harmful to human health. Medical studies show that mosquitoes are capable of transmitting many blood-borne diseases, such as Malaria, Zika, Dengue, Filariasis, Yellow fever, Epidemic encephalitis B, West Nile, etc.,

From the long list of diseases, you can see how dangerous mosquito bites can be!

We are searching for effective ways to keep mosquitoes away. You can use repellents or try wearing anti-mosquito clothes. And you may also have heard about anti-mosquito wristbands that will protect you against mosquitoes.

So How Do Those Wristbands Work?

Actually, mosquito repellent wristband has a simple operating principle. It is a custom made wristband that is laced with mosquito repellent. When you wear the wristband around your wrist, the mosquito repellent will emit in the form of a vapor or gas, and then form a cloud of protective layer around you to keep the mosquitoes stay away from you.

So, mosquito repellent wristbands have undoubtedly become the most convenient way to prevent mosquitoes. Why do we say that?

What are The Advantages of Mosquito Repellent Wristbands?

There are certain irreplaceable advantages to take anti-mosquito wristbands, let’s share the details:

  • No Sticky Residue Left on Your Skin

On a hot and humid summer day, you dress up and get ready to go out. But you don’t want to be a “victim” of mosquito bites, and it sounds not very attractive to apply an oily and sticky repellent on your skin. While anti-mosquito clothes may just get in the way of your “dressing-up”. At that very moment, a kind of simple custom made wristbands will solve this problem easily. It is mosquito repellent wristbands, which are clean and convenient and will not leave any residue on your body and clothes. They perfectly and naturally replace the skin penetrating lotions and sprays.

  • No need for alternatives

Because the scent of mosquito repellent will not run out quickly. Generally, the scent can last for around 5 to 7 days, so it doesn’t require alternatives if you just go out for a few days.

  • Flexibility in Wearing

Except wearing on your wrist, you can wear them wherever you want, such as hook to your purse, backpack or jeans, etc.

  • Eco-friendly

Anti-mosquito wristbands can be used for adults and children safely. Many anti-mosquito products contain DEET, which is a widely used insecticide.  Although these mosquito repellent products may have some effect, they are not eco-friendly and has a certain irritation to the skin.

As a new form of mosquito repellent devices, the mosquito repellent wristbands are free of DEET-containing and can effectively drive mosquito away. Instead of DEET, mosquito repellent wristbands use natural essential oils that have a scent that can keep the mosquitoes far away from us. So they are safer to be used on children and adults.

Different types of mosquito repellent wristbands
Different Types of Mosquito Repellent Wristbands

How to Choose Mosquito Repellent Wristbands

Firstly, Safety in Use.

Mosquito repellent wristbands or bracelets are made from high-quality silicone material with pure natural citronella essential oil, relying on the smell of the plant to avoid mosquitoes! Not chemistry! So, we should learn to select those that are confirmed to keep mosquitoes away.

If you are looking for anti-mosquito wristbands or bracelets which keep you from using fewer chemicals or none, you must pick a Deet-free, natural, and safe wristband that can be used by both adults and children.

High-quality Silicone Wristbands
High-quality Silicone Wristbands

Secondly, Variety in Styles

In terms of design, there will be many choices provided for you.

  • If you’re going to a place which is full of mosquitoes, you may wear several wristbands in case one is not enough. Of course, you can choose various colors and styles to match your outfit. A full selection of mosquito repellent wristbands on the market can satisfy anyone with fashion sense.
  • If you are going to swim or somewhere wet, you can choose a water-proof mosquito repellent wristband.

Some mosquito repellent wristbands are not waterproof and easy to lose their efficacy if you get them wet. So you should consider this when you are choosing them.

  • You may want to buy those adjustable wristbands that can not only be worn on your wrist, ankle, or wrap around your ponytail, but also can be used for kids when they are attending outdoor activities.

Thirdly, Distinguish True and Fake

In the market, there are always some merchants take inferior materials to reduce the cost. Some of them even use chemical Deet to reduce the smell of the product, which has some effects against mosquitoes, but it has a degree of toxicity to people.

  • Identifying the Merchants.

First of all, ensure the products are from standard manufacturers that can be confirmed by authority or quality control department, and products are with trademark Numbers.

  • Checking the Outer Packing

Some of the products are packed with transparent bags and we can sure that those are fake ones. Essential oils are easy to volatilize and lose part of their function when exposed to sunlight for a long time. Therefore, approved merchants would never pack the products containing essential oils with transparent bags but opaque aluminum foil bags, to ensure the quality of products in transportation and sales.

  • Checking the Printing of the Package

Approved anti-mosquito wristbands have clear printing and normal color outside the package. But for the fake, they will become out double images and abnormal colors.

  • Checking products.

Approved products are always dry without any wet and oily feeling, but the fake is on the contrary.

Then, approved products have a clear and concavo-convex logo, and the fake usually have an inferior and blurry effect.

Package for Fake Anti-mosquito Wristbands
Package for Fake Anti-mosquito Wristbands

All in all, to a certain extent, mosquito repellent wristbands and bracelets can protect you against those bites from annoying mosquitoes and bugs. If you want a non-greasy product to replace these typical repellents, or you are allergic to ingredients found in typical repellents, these mosquito repellent wristbands are often the best choice for the essentials of nature and chemical-free.

But mosquito repellent wristbands also can be influenced by surroundings, such as temperature and some natural factors, so the effect will be different among people. To be sure, mosquito repellent wristbands can effectively prevent and reduce the bites from mosquitoes or other insects, but not to say that they will completely eliminate mosquito bites. People can choose reasonably.


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