I watched a documentary film about protecting endangered animals in Africa a few days ago. As an Ambassador, Yao Ming went to South Africa and Kenya to start documentary filming and propaganda work on wildlife conservation. Because there, driven by the market for illegal ivory and Rhinoceros horns, poachers are killing elephants and rhinoceroses in Africa. Wild Rescue hopes to invite Yao Ming to Africa to bring the beauty and pain of Africa back to China so that more people can understand the plight of Elephants and Rhinoceroses.

Are we more obligated to protect these endangered animals?

Let’s appreciate the following colorized custom challenge coins of endangered animals.

1. Black Rhinoceros Custom Silver Coins

Black Rhinoceros Custom Silver Coins
Black Rhinoceros Custom Silver Coins

South Africa holds 80% of the Rhinoceros population in the world. The species is one of the most endangered on the planet; nearly 1000 of them are killed each year from poaching in South Africa. The black Rhinoceros of western Africa was declared extinct on November 10, 2011, and the news was announced by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

This design of  Black Rhinoceros Custom Silver Coins depicts the plight of Rhinoceroses.

The coin’s reverse depicts an adult black rhinoceros and calf in color, taking the African savannah as background. The lower part design shows a pair of supporting hands. The coins remind people something important needs to be done immediately—stop killing, stop the transaction, otherwise, this beautiful animal can be only seen on the custom coins someday.

2. Custom Silver Elephant Coins

Custom Silver Elephant Coins
Custom Silver Elephant Coins

Above two elephant silver coins are produced by Bavarian State Mint. The pattern of the right coin displays a large bull elephant with its trunk raised as it stands on the open savanna, and a small hut and tall palm trees located in the background field.

The left one depicts a large adult elephant standing on the ground with its head right at the center of the foreground, its long trunk reaches almost off the rim of the coin. The elephant has natural hues of gray, while the background design elements come to life with all the real-world hues of the African savannas. You can take them as personalized coins for your private collections.

Do you perceive the expression between two elephants? You will find the right one looks so happy, yet full of distressed in the left one’s eyes. Why the difference? You can see a quite beautiful bracelet is put in the middle of them. That is the reason. Definitely this elegant ivory product is in exchange for the life of an elephant. These challenge coins not only provide great variety to investors and collectors alike but more importantly,  they appeal to people all over the world to concern about the plight of these animals.

3. Sea Cow Custom Gold Coins

Sea Cow Custom Gold Coins
Sea Cow Custom Gold Coins

In June 1741, an expedition vessel was in distress, Stella and other survivors drifted to the Komandore Islands, squatting on isolated islands without food sources. At this time, Stella discovered the sea cows along the coast, but the number was only 2,000. This was the first time humans have discovered the sea cows. Since then, they began to kill them while they were discovering Stella’s big cows.

Russian fur traders immediately became interested in the fur of Stella’s big sea cow. They have come to the Komandore Islands and started ruthless killing sea cow. The first victims were the adult Stella cows, and even those cubs could not escape. It took only a short 26 years from the discovery to the extinction. When people didn’t know more about them, the greedy fur merchants made Stella the sea cow disappear from the earth forever.

These beautiful coins display an image of an adult sea cow, this beautiful creature is kept perpetually on the world challenge coins.

We definitely don’t hope these animals only be engraved on the coins yet disappeared in the real world.  Of course, there still other attractive and durable cheap challenge coins that are updated at our website periodically. Welcome to GS-JJ.com.


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