Wristbands are one of the hot trends nowadays. You can order them in the shop, and you can also make them at home.  There are thousands of styles and types of wristbands that can be made at home. Just know what kind of wristbands you want, how you intend to use it, and what kind of material you want to use. Then, send in your design.

Making a Wristband with Beads and String

A wristband strung with beads is very common and popular as they are delicate and beautiful. To make a bracelet at home, we need some string, scissors, and beads. Besides, you can add other elements which interesting and funny to your bracelet making, such as constellation element, ancient zodiac accessory, or something with your name, etc. By the way, we will meet many choices in the preparation of the material, let’s have a look.

1. Choose your Suitable Beads 

There are many kinds of beads, such as plastic, glass, semi-precious stone, wood, etc. They are different colors, different appearances, and different materials. Moreover, different beads create a different sense of feeling in vision. When you face many kinds of beautiful beads, you just need to choose them to meet your requirements and in line with your own design.

Of course, if you are a fashionista, you can also match these beads in your own way.

Various beads in the market can be chosen to make bracelets
Various Small Beads

2. Choose the Suitable String

The choices of the string can be varied, but we can roughly divide them into two categories according to the features– the elastic and inelastic.

If you are new to making the homemade wristband, consider using an elastic string, which is easier to make. As long as you string your matching beads onto the string and tie a knot. No homemade buttons or extra other buttons are needed.

Stringing the beads together
Small Beads Bracelet

Making a Silicone Bracelet at Home

Except for outright purchase in the market, the soft and comfortable silicone wristbands also can be made at home with unique and personalized features. And the only way to do is to buy the silicone sheet or blank wristbands for DIY, no matter what kind of way you choose, you will find the fun in the homemade process.

Two choices for your homemade wristbands
Silicone Sheets and Wristbands

1. Choose the Right Color for You

When you purchase the silicone sheet or blank wristbands, you should choose the color patiently, which is you like or you want it to line with your design.

2. Confirm the Right Size

Lay the silicone sheet in a flatwise orientation, mark the silicone sheet according to the size of your wrist, and cut the silicone sheet with sharp scissors along the size indicated ( if you just buy suitable blank silicone wristbands, you can omit this step.)

Measure the right size for your wristbands
Silicone Sheet

3. Personalize Your Own Words

When you make wristbands at home, the craft we can work on them will be relatively limited. We can not complete the complex process by using mechanical equipment as the specialized supplier does, therefore, the simplest way is to print or write some personalized words, patterns, and something else you like on them.

Print or write texts on the homemade wristbands
Homemade Silicone wristbands

4.The Ending

After you finish the above steps, return the material you choose at the beginning.

if you choose the silicone sheet as the material of your homemade wristbands, you need to apply the adhesive to both ends of the silicone sheet and gently put them together, fix them before using it.

Besides, if you do “DIY” with a blank silicone wristband, you can skip the bonding step.

Whatever material you choose, it’s your choice.

Making a Sennit Bracelet at Home

Have you ever like something challenging? Even it is in the process of designing or manufacturing bracelet? If you want to try in homemade wristbands, the sennit bracelet is a good one to try. Sennit bracelet means it is made of some kind of rope which usually can be divided into several strands, and you try to weave these strands into a complete whole one.

The Sennit Wristbands made of single color ropes
The Sennit Wristbands (1)

And if you want your sennit wristband to be different or special, you can choose different rope weave together, such as rope with different colors, different textures, etc., try to make your homemade wristbands unique, meaningful or colorful.

The Sennit Wristbands made of colorful ropes
Different Sennit Wristbands

Furthermore, you can add some funny, cute, or meaningful accessories in your homemade sennit wristband that will be a good way to add points to your plain wristband. And what kind of accessories can be chosen here? Such as a wooden card or beads that both with meaningful texts or words, some blessing things for a wish, and so on. There will be more than one choice for you if you are in the accessories market.

Sennit Wristbands with Beads and other accessories
Sennit Wristbands with Beads

However, the feature of the rope bracelet is the masterful one. We should use accessories lightly.  The key of the sennit wristbands is the ropes.

The above three kinds of bracelets can be “DIY” at home. All of them are simple and easy to make, and the preparation works are almost the same.

In addition, homemade wristbands cost less and get more character than those purchased in the market. What’s more, making things at home by hand can cultivate the patience and perseverance of people, save energy, and protect the environment. It is also a good way to spend your leisure time. If you are looking for a funny and interesting way to spend your leisure time, just try it.

Many kinds of wristbands can be made at home
Various Homemade Wristbands


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