When you have chosen the custom patches you want and sent the design to us, please note that this is only the beginning of a patches design. From different backing, thread types, size, and border, It sounds very complicated, but please rest assured that we will make it simple and clear here.

Attachment about backing

Patches are only half the story – the other half is how you stick them on your jacket, bag, shirt, etc. Most of our clients are satisfied with our easy iron-on, but for some special clothes, the easy iron-on is not so satisfactory.  We suggest a more solid backing to sew on our clothes. And you can even choose magnets or velcro backings as a simple open/close patch, with flight suits, jumpsuits, uniforms, and more.


How big do you want your patch to be? Usually, the size of the patch will determine our price. Simply add together the height and width of your desired patch, then divide that number by two. The result is your patch size. What some people don’t know is that some patching materials are better than other materials in certain sizes or shapes. Patches using materials other than thread, such as PVC or leather, are preferably small and medium-sized. But for embroidered patches, you can make items of any size. Of course, our customer representatives will tell you whether you want the size to be possible.

Embroidery Coverage

The nature of our most popular embroidery patch requires you to decide how much “embroidery coverage” you want in the patch itself. To put it simply, how many patches of embroidery do you want to occupy? We offer 50%, 75%, and 100% embroidery. Generally speaking, 50% is enough for most logos while 100% is more for image-type designs. Although it is the cheapest option, 50% of embroidery also allows you to show your choice of the underlying patch material. Of course, Our designers will help you create a design that is suitable for price choice.


The surrounding area of your patch is as important as the interior. Depending on what your design is, you will have several options to choose the right border. Merrowed Borders is not just a beautiful choice, they help to keep your fit together, and protect the design from stretching and scratching. Heat Cut Border provides a clean and accurate appearance, Laser Cut Border is a thin boundary, it just sketching out your patch without interfering with the design.

No matter what kind of design and requirement, we have professional people to help you accomplish the design you want most in GS-JJ. Don’t worry about it complicated. As long as you say what you want, we will design it in an integrated way. We are worthy of your trust. Want to know more? Call us toll-free at 18888644755 or email us info@g-jj.com.

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