Medals can be used in some ways. Not only a prize but also decorations. If you customize some funny medals, it is a special thing.

Medals as a Prize

As we all know, the medal itself contains a meaning of awards. From big events like the Olympics to small events like sports day, medals, as it were, are usually existed everywhere. Awarding medals, For one thing, it is to encourage people to go ahead; For another, it is to remind them of their pleasant recollection about events. Like awards medals, sports medals, race medals, military medals, and so on, they all belong to medals as a prize.

Medals as a Souvenir

Some medals are available not because of winning in the competition. You must hear that everybody gets a prize. People just take part in the competition for fun. Or a company hosts a party and invites some guests. Then, people will get medals not as a prize but as a souvenir. It’s a quite special way. You may be happy with the medal.

Medals as a Decoration

Medals always are obtained in your life. Some people win a lot of medals. So how to deal with these medals? Throw them away? You must be reluctant. Put them in a box? You must feel a pity.

So why not use them as a decoration?

1) Medals with Magnets

You can connect medals to magnets, then medals won’t be simple medals. They have a practical function. You can display these anywhere like the fridge. They seem to be custom magnets. In this way, your medals are not a decoration but can be used for pasting something. If you want to know more magnets: you can click

Medals with Magnets

2)Medals with Shelf

Of course, you can design a corner in your house. It will Improve your style and has a unique flavor. When your friends see this, they will admire you!

Medals with Shelf

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Medals, in general, are used for the prize. However, they always transmit their roles. If you are interested in CUSTOM MEDALS, why not come to GS-JJ and design your own one? Our website: Enjoy your visit!


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