The finish is a simple but special word. From the literal meaning, it means complete. You have done all things. I want to introduce which three finished are favored by buyers in personalized medals and what are finisher medals.

Which Three Finishes are Favored by Buyers?

In personalized medals, finish means a kind of crafts. There are lots of finishes that can be chosen. While many buyers are still confused about selecting finishes. In our custom medals, we find that there are silver-finished, gold-finished, and silver-finished, which are popular.

  • Silver

Silver is a shiny, white, soft, transition metal. It has the thermal conductivity, highest conductivity, and reflectivity of all metals. In most products, silver is finished because it is simple and can be connected with other colors. It’s not too abrupt. It is used in hard and soft enamel custom medals. More than half of people choose it.

  • Gold

Gold is a bright shiny, yellow with red, soft, high density, malleable metal. Gold will give your products noble, attractive, and delicate features. Usually, universities, competitions, and military are using gold finishes in making award medals.

  • Brass

Brass has good mechanical and wears resistance. At first sight, it is old color. If you want to express vintage or don’t wish your products more exaggerate or less eye-catching. Brass is a good solution between silver and gold.

Different Finishes Medals
Different Finishes Medals

What is Finisher Medals?

In custom made medals, finish adopts original idea.  Running finisher medals are types of custom medals. Different people have different ideas. Usually, they are used in the running medals like 5k medals or walking medals. Why called them as finisher medals? Because it is not an easy thing for each player to complete a game. When first, second and third prize medals are designed for praising those excellent players, although the rest people don’t win the competition, those people stick to run to the finishing line. nowadays, more competition is just for fun, for making friends, for exercising or else. More and more hosts chose custom cheap finisher medals to encourage and motivate players. After all, competition is a process, while persistence is value. Custom finisher medals can be designed in any shape, colors, or sizes. GS-JJ, a custom medal maker, will try their best to meet your requirements.

Running Medals
Running Medals


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