Americans’10 Most-Loved Chinese Products, how many do you know?

NO.1  Wei Long Latiao Spicy Gluten

Do you know that the output of spicy gluten has exceeded 500 billion packets? Such calculating come, everyone in the world eats 7 packets of spicy gluten on average. BBC’s documentary “Chinese New Year” has also introduced the spicy gluten. In the documentary, an uncle tasted the spicy gluten and praised “I really like it”.

Wei Long Latiao Spicy Gluten

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NO.2  “The Godmother” Spicy Sauce

Known as “The Godmother”, Ms. Tao Huabi, who saved the Chinese overseas students’ stomach and heart, it is also loved by Americans. “The Godmother” even went to Gilt, a luxury electric provider in the USA.

There is a “The Godmother” home page on Facebook, set up by Simon Stahl. One of the most popular questions from the fans is where to buy “The Godmother” spicy sauce. On Twitter, there are also a large number of loyal fans of “The Godmother”, they are constantly putting up some unexpected collocations of the spicy sauce.

The Godmother Spicy Sauce

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NO.3  Goji Berry

Chinese wolfberry also named Goji berries. As a medicinal plant, the history of Goji berries has rooted in ancient China. People used Goji berries to cure their eyes, kidney, and livers diseases.

On Instagram, there are 180 thousand posts of Goji berries for the search of #gojiberries topic, the users share the value of Goji berries and show their self-made Goji berries creative recipe. For example, cake with Goji berries, steak with Goji berries and Goji berries mask.

Goji Berry

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NO.4  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

As Shenzhen of China’s innovative business card, the DJI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle s are well sold all over the world. The Wall Street Journal called it “the first Chinese enterprise to be the pioneer of major consumer products in the world. Even the most powerful 3D ROBOTICS is humbled. According to Market Research Institute Frost & Sullivan’s data, the DJI has owned 70% of market share in the global UAV market. In the popular TV serial, the Big Bang Theory, Shield used the DJI UAV, too.

NO.5  Mobile phone made in China

The mobile phone made in China such as HUAWEI and XIAOMI have risen successfully in the American market. The US smartphone list released in May 2017, HUAWEI P8 Lite, and P9 Lite two models successfully hit the list. The American favorite Chinese mobile phone is a brand that is not familiar with Chinese people: OnePlus which was named “the most worth buying cell phone” by The Verge, the US technology media website.

NO.6  Medicine Ma Ying Long

Ma Ying Long Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment is one of the most popular products on Amazon. It is called “Chinese Magic Medicine”, which has been evaluated by more than 1223 American users on Amazon. Many users have posted long comments, expressing their gratitude for the product.

NO.7  High Quality & Cheap Clothes and Accessories

According to PayPal’s report, good quality and low price are the biggest reasons for global consumers to buy Chinese clothes and accessories. Of all the surveyed consumers in the world, 76% of consumers said they chose Chinese goods because their prices were very favorable. In addition, 65% of consumers said that they could buy many goods that they did not own before, such as GS-JJs lapel pins. The demand of Chinese local consumers is not only the quality but also the appearance and style of the clothes and accessories. This also led to the clothes and accessories be more practical, which becomes the advantage of Chinese clothes and accessories, too.

GS-JJ's lapel pins
GS-JJ’s lapel pins

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NO.8  Tea

Tea refers to the beverage made from the leaves of the tea plant. It is mostly brewing into tea soup. It can also be added to food and medicine. In the Seventeenth Century, tea was brought to Europe and then spread all over the world. Since Queen Catherine got married to Charlie II in 1662, she influenced the British aristocratic society with the habit of drinking tea drinking.  Chinese tea is very popular and famous in the world and it is very suitable as a gift for your friends.

NO.9  Wind Medicated Oil

On Amazon, both the Chinese wind medicated oil and cool oil have their own self-operated products, which have been sold and reviewed very well. The products become the Americans’ magic oil for treating their headache and slight fever and they always carry a bottle of oil with them anywhere.

 NO.10  Cupping

In the 2016 Olympic Games, Phelps’s “tattoo” attracted the interest of netizens, and Twitter also specially opened a topic to discuss it. Later, Phelps shared the cupping picture on Instagram to indicate that his “tattoo” is not a tattoo but a Chinese “Cupping”.  According to the price issued by, the price of a cupping therapy was between $25 ~ $60. said the cost of physical therapy was about $50.

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