Designing custom patches has never been easier!

Do you want to be the focus of the crowd? Do you have special events to attend? Are you tired of ordinary jackets and jeans?? Are you part of a club? So why not design your Custom Patches badly and give it a whole new look?

There are many reasons that you may want to create your own custom patches, but if you don’t have a piece artwork that you want to recreate for the design, you may not know where to start.

How do I design my own patches? there are 6 steps guide you to design custom made patches as below:

Step 01 Start with an ideal
Step 02 Type of custom patches
Step 03 Size of custom patches
Step 04 Choose border of patches
Step 05 Choose backing for patches
Step 06 Embroidery thread colors

Start with an ideal

First, figure out what you want to communicate with your custom patch. Are you celebrating your birthday? Do you want to include a business logo? Are you marketing an organization? Do you want it to add some interesting to your clothes? Or is to give your hats a new look. Patches are usually made up of logo designs, some quotes or patterns. First, decide what kind of custom made patches you want to make. then consider the design, color scheme, and material.

ideal of custom patches

Type of custom patches

there are a variety of patches available. They design custom patches, woven patches, name patches, hat patches, embroidered patches and Iron on patches. Attention to detail and high-quality work is what sets them apart from everyone else. Go through various sample designs to narrow down your choices.

types of custom patches

Embroidered Patches: The most traditional type of patches that we can create is an embroidered patch, Here we embroider thread onto a backing and create a raised design.

Woven Patches : Woven patches are similar to embroidered patches, but use thinner thread to achieve more detail and aren’t as raised. Dye sublimation is the most modern way to create custom patches.

Instead of thread, we dye the patch material to achieve the most detail. Take the amount of detail in your design into consideration before you choose.

embroidered patches

Size of custom patches

The size of the Custom Patches can be determined according to the purpose of the patch. If you are using it for a jacket sleeve, then keep it big and vibrant whereas, if you are using it for a bag then a small size patch would do. There are some standard sizes being used for common custom patches. Let’s have a look.

size of patches

Hat Patches – frequent size is 3″

hat patches

Military patches-Most frequent size used is 4″ Width x 1″ height

military patches

How to Measure the suitable custom patches size?

Patches are measured using the following formula: (Height + Width) / 2

Simply add together the height and width of your desired patch, then divide that number by two. The result is your patch size.

Choose border of patches

We provide heat cut border, merrowed and laser cut border for your select. Different edges have have different characteristcis. You can read what is the best border for your custom patches to learn more.
custom patches border

Choose backing for patches

Velcro baking, Iron on backing, No backing…. Does these backing let you confuse? Don’t worry. How to choose the right backing for your custom patches will help you make an decision. 

backing of patches

Embroidery thread colors

Craft a smart design scheme, so that the text and the pattern are visible even from a distance. Go for contrasting colors so that the text is clearly visible over the background.

Complementary colors will make embroidery look more vibrant.Some color schemes that can be used are, black-white, red-green, white-red, yellow-violet, and orange-yellow. You can even go for more than two colors when creating a vibrant pattern.

The patch will only come out beautifully if you place it on the right color apparel. Pair them up with neutral colors instead of going in for bright solid colors.Once you confirm which custom patches you want to, then you need to choose which colors you’d like to incorporate.

thread colors

At, we offer many threads and twill colors to choose from and we allow up to nine different colors for each embroidered patches design at no need extra cost.

Design Your Own Custom Patches today from Our team at is ready to help you get started. You can learn more about our products by visiting You can also email or call 1-888-864-4755 toll-free.

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