When we want to buy custom stickers, we need to make many choices, such as sizes, shapes, materials, and most importantly, the cutting method of the stickers. Die cut stickers and kiss-cut stickers are two commonly used stickers.

Die Cut Stickers VS Kiss Cut Stickers

Die-cut sticker is a kind of individual sticker. It can be cut into a unique custom shape according to customers’ designs without the extra back.

Kiss cut sticker can also be a single one, but it can be made into a sticker sheet as well. However, the kiss cut sticker usually has a larger square back than other stickers. The reason that the kiss sticker has a back is to cut the vinyl, not through the substrate.

sticker sheet             custom sticker sheet

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What’re the Differences Between Die Cut VS Kiss Cut Stickers

Some people are confused about these two stickers because there are certain similarities among them. So today I’m going to explain the differences between the two stickers.

The biggest difference between die-cut stickers and kiss cut stickers lies in the cutting method. The die-cutting process means you can cut the outlines of paper products or other materials according to the design of the graphics so that the shape of the printed matter is no longer limited to a straight right Angle. Kiss cut stickers only cut on the vinyl –leaving the back of the paper intact. In other words, kiss cut stickers have a square backing. Die cut stickers also have a backing, but the shape of the backing is the same as the shape of the actual sticker.

Let’s Look At The Impact of Different Cutting Methods on The Shapes and Size of These Two Stickers.


If the shapes and patterns of kiss cut stickers and die cut stickers are the same, then the two kinds of stickers look the same when they peel off from the back, so technically there is no difference in shape between the two stickers.


Because the die-cut sticker is cut separately, so the size of the die-cut sticker is easier to grasp, which means it can be done very large or very small. The kiss cut sticker has a backing that is larger than the sticker itself, so the cutting will have limitations. If you have requirements on the size, I suggest you buy die-cut stickers.

The difference between die-cut and kiss cut stickers is hard to understand just by looking at the text, so I hope the following pictures can help you understand the differences between the two products.

Die cut stickers:

die cut stickersvinyl die cut stickersvinyl die cut stickers

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Kiss cut stickers

kiss cut stickerscustom kiss cut stickerssticker sheet

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After knowing their differences in technology, we will take a look at the different uses of the stickers.

Should you buy die cut or kiss cut sticker? Go on reading and find the answer!

Kiss Cut Stickers:

If you need to use a lot of stickers, kiss cut stickers are a great choice. First of all, the kiss cut sticker has a large backing which can be made into a sticker sheet. This kiss cut sticker sheet can hold stickers of various shapes and patterns. More than that, the tear and peel design on the back of the kiss cut sticker make it easier to apply to almost any surfaces. Secondly, the extra backing of the kiss cut sticker can protect the sticker and reduce damage during transportation.

Die Cut Stickers:

Die-cut stickers are more delicate than kiss cut stickers, although both are Cheap stickers. Businesses can use die-cut stickers as a small gift for customers to use in the store and this method can help you retain customers. Another idea is that die-cut stickers can be used as a little bonus between lovers, which I learned from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Don’t forget the last point; die-cut stickers can be used for hobby collection, like anime lovers, sticker lovers, and others.

After reading about the differences and purchase ideas of die-cut VS kiss cut stickers, I believe you already know what type of stickers you want to purchase. But do you know where to buy high-quality custom stickers? Let me introduce GS-JJ Company to you. This company, as a professional custom sticker manufacturer, has the best technology as well as the best service for all our customers. We offer our customers both die cut and kiss cut stickers with free shipping and free design, plus the cheap price. You can contact us with email or phone, our email address is info@gs-jj.com and the number is 1.888.864.4755.


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