On June 6, 1944, it was hailed as “the longest day in history.” On this day, the vast military forces of the Allied forces crossed the English Channel and landed in the Normandy region of France. This is by far the largest maritime landing operation in human history. It opened up the second battlefield in Europe and accelerated the demise of the German fascism, which is of special significance. On the 75th anniversary of the landing of Normandy, I will use the relevant custom coins to trace back this thrilling history.

The longest day in history
The longest day in history

1. D-Day’s 75th Anniversary Custom Commemorative Coins

D-Day’s 75th Anniverary Custom Commemorative Coins
D-Day’s 75th Anniversary Custom Commemorative Coins

This custom commemorative coin depicts a colored image of the Allied forces embarking on D-Day. The sepia-toned reveals the effect of a war movie.  The most prominent feature is the border of each coin is processed with a portion of real sand from Normandy Beach, which adds to the impact of the historic imagery. The Allies’ plan is displayed on the reverse. Besides, a quote from General Eisenhower’s famous address” WE WILL ACCEPT NOTHING LESS THAN FULL VICTORY!” is showing around the edge. It would be a fantastic addition to your coin collections, or you can send it to your children or friends as a great patriotic gift.

2. D-Day 60th Anniversary Gold Coin Set

The entire operation of the invasion of Normandy until the control of northern France was named “Overlord Action”, while the D-day of action (military terminology used to refer to a specific date) was finally determined to be June 6, 1944.

Three main Channel Islands has released the above 60th-anniversary gold coin set to commemorate this event. The reverse of each coin is designed a different historical scene of D-Day  –land, sea and air. Let us follow these challenge coins to review this important historical moment.

D-Day 60th Anniversary Gold Coin Set
D-Day 60th Anniversary Gold Coin Set

2.1 Sword Beach

In the famous Normandy landing in 1944, one of the five beachheads attacked by the Allies, the other four were Omaha Beach, Golden Beach, Juno Beach, and Utah Beach.

Sword Beach is the “Operation Overlord” of the five beaches. The most eastern beach, the British troops landing from the east side of the Sword Beach quickly smashed the German light infantry. Firepower, and in the afternoon with the paratroopers of the previous airborne inland. However, the British troops who landed from the west side of Sword Beach were stubbornly resisted by the German 21st Division tank unit and could not successfully join the Canadian troops who landed from Juno Beach. After the two sides fought fiercely until dusk, the Allies successfully defeated the German armored forces. The reverse of this coin depicts a more solid embarking on Sword Beach.

2.2 MS Belfast

On June 6, 1944, Belfast participated in the Normandy landing, under the Eastern Naval Strategic Force, and was responsible for supporting the British and Canadian friendly forces on the offensive “Gold” (Gold) and “Juno” (Juneau) beaches. At 5:30 in the morning, the Battleship Belfast became one of the first warships to fire at the Germans stationed in Normandy.

MS Belfast
MS Belfast

In 1945, Belfast set off for the Far East Fleet to participate in the Pacific Battle. At this time, Japan officially surrendered, Belfast did not play a role in the war, but even so, Belfast is still active in the Far East. At sea – at this time, she was mainly responsible for peacekeeping operations and played a big role in guarding Chinese prisoners captured by the Japanese army. This custom gold coin displays the HMS Belfast with other fleets.

2.3 Airborne Landings

At 00:16 at midnight, the 6th Airborne Division took the lead in airdrops, and the paratroopers quickly controlled the nearby bridges after landing. Later, the 82 airborne divisions of the airdrop and the paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division were forced to disperse their operations due to the enemy’s artillery interception and complex ground conditions, but they also caused the enemy to fall into chaos. This history was once filmed into the TV series “Brothers” by Spielberg. This coin design presents an aircraft of the airborne landings


3. D-Day Canadian 75th ANNIV Custom Colored Coins

The landing of Juno Beach
The landing of Juno Beach

Above picture depicts the landing of Juno Beach, which was taken over by the Canadian army. At 4:30 on the same day, the Canadian landing formation arrived at the transfer area. Due to navigation problems, the landing time was delayed by more than 20 minutes and the appropriate tide time was missed. The landing craft had to unload the personnel, vehicles and materials in the shallow waters, and touched the mines when returning, suffering serious losses. The Canadian soldiers who landed on the beach crossed the beach and were killed by the Germans in the sand dunes. They were once suppressed by the Germans. Fortunately, the Allied Naval Gunfire and the amphibious tank assistance were timely and broke through the German defense.

D-Day Canadian 75th ANNIV Custom Colored Coins
D-Day Canadian 75th ANNIV Custom Colored Coins

If you pay attention to the Normandy landing commemorative coins issued in Canada, you will find these coins are very contagious, because they show the uncomfortable expression of the ordinary soldiers facing the war. These custom silver coins are processed with two-tone finish craftsmanship.  The center-piece highlights a soldier wearing a green helmet, we can feel nervous from the soldier’s eyes.

Do you expect to have these precious world challenge coins? Please visit us if you want to know more.

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