If you browse the products of our website, you will find some products about coffee. There are many things about coffee that can be made into patches, like coffeepot, coffee maker, a cup of coffee, coffee bean and so on. However, how much do you know about coffee culture?

The originated place of coffee is Africa. The first coffee tree was found in the horn of Africa. The local native tribes often grind up the fruit of coffee, and then they kneaded the coffee with some animal fat to make balls. These people took these coffee balls as the precious food. People wondered why coffee eaters would appear to be very stimulated. They didn’t know this was because of the coffee they drink.

a cup of coffee, coffee bean and phonograph

The coffee culture has spread around the world. Coffee culture has one of the greatest and most romantic story in the history. There are three countries that have a comparatively long coffee culture, namely France, the United States and Turkey.


We all know the most romantic country is France, but most people don’t know coffee is the most charming thing in France. French don’t have any particular taste when they drink coffee, but environment and feeling tone. They would like to drink coffee outside. Even the price of a cup of coffee outside can equal with a pot of coffee at home. They taste the coffee slowly, while they are reading or talking with friends. Therefore, there are many coffee shops in France, in the square side or road side, even in the Eiffel Tower.

a cup of coffee with some cookies and dessert

The United States

The United States is the biggest country of consuming coffee. Most Americans usually take coffee during the breakfast. Drinking a cup of coffee after waking up every morning is the greatest thing to them. If the taste of coffee is a little insipid; they will add milk and sugar into the coffee to improve the taste. The Americans drink coffee in a state of freedom and comfort just like the life of them, you can find there are many people holding a cup of coffee everywhere.

a cup of fancy coffee with some coffee beans


After Turkey conquered Arabia, they continued the coffee culture. Coffee plays an important role in social life. There were many people from all walks of life gathering in the coffee shops and the coffee shops were a special place of man in that period. In Turkey, when a woman that is getting married meets the man who is seeking a marriage alliance, if she is willing to marry the Man, she will add sugar in the coffee. If she is not willing to marry this Man she will add salt in the coffee. Coffee culture promotes slow and quality  life.  In the background of social integrated environment, people are under a high stress, life is quick and fast. In spare time, we can slow down, walking into a coffee shop, release the emotion of your heart, enjoy life.

Since coffee has deeply ingrained in everyone’s life, you must encounter many friends that are frantic coffee lover.  It is high possible that your friends have the basic items they like or need for making coffee, like the coffee making machine or cups. Therefore, some delicate craft gifts that related to coffee element are your best choice. And there is a good chance to embody the benefit of patches. You can have any design inspiration about coffee patches. The whole shape can be circle, square, heart shape and so on. Then you can put any coffee elements in the middle of the patch. Or you can just clip the shape of coffee elements, just like the picture below.

Actually, our company is also promoting this slow life. We made this little gift which will enhance the relationship between you and the people around you. You can see the picture below, these are the samples that coffee amateur ordered in our website. Enjoy the life, you can do anything you want.

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