Sports are a variety of activities that are gradually developed in the process of human development and consciously cultivate one’s physical fitness. It takes various forms of physical activities, such as walking, running, jumping, throwing, and dancing, which is commonly referred to as physical exercises. Its content is rich, including track and field, ball games, swimming, martial arts, aerobics, mountaineering, skating, weightlifting, wrestling, bicycle, and other events.

Sports have the functions of physical fitness and entertainment, as well as education, politics, and economy. It can also be said that the history of different stages, sports have different functions, but since the emergence of sports, physical fitness, and entertainment from beginning to end is the main function of sports. Sports is a complex social and cultural phenomenon, with physical activities as the basic means to enhance physical fitness, improve health, and cultivate a variety of psychological qualities for the purpose of people. Especially with the development of social economy, people’s living standards have been improved, people’s spiritual needs are higher than the material needs.

Since the development of the ancient Olympic Games, its organization and related rules have been strengthened. The industrialization has made more leisure time for residents in developed and developing countries, which allows them to participate in and watch ornamental sports. Sports have participated in increasing numbers and spread more widely. With the strengthening of mass media and global connections, this trend is more obvious. Sports specialization has become the mainstream. Sports are more popular. Sports fans chase professional athletes through radio, television, and the Internet. At the same time, they also participate in amateur sports and get exercise and entertainment.

Sports Patches
Sports Patches

People’s understanding of sports is not limited to physical fitness, hoping to get more spiritual enjoyment through the participation of sports activities. For example, people watching sports competitions, beautiful sports movements, and the competition of the people’s hearts are all enjoying the beauty of the people, and at the scene of the competition, with the competition, people can shout loudly, can give vent to their feelings and make people feel relaxed in the spirit. A successful shot, a beautiful shot, with a fast rhythm of music and aerobics, is not just fitness, but more important is a feeling of pleasure, achievement, and mood. These are the spiritual values that sports bring to people. The higher the standard of living is, the more people pay attention to the value of the sports spirit.

In addition, sports also help to cultivate people’s brave and tenacious character, the quality of transcending the self, the will to meet the challenge and the ability to take risks, and help to cultivate people’s sense of competition, cooperation and fairness. Some sports activities and sports events have an indispensable role in enriching people’s cultural life, patriotism, and strengthening the centripetal force and cohesiveness of the nation.

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