The bottle opener is common in our daily life, you need to use it open the beer. Do you know the personalized bottle openers? They are so convenient and delicate.

  • Custom Bottle Opener Medals

You must know about the medals, which are used for awards. But you must less see custom bottle opener medals. What are bottle opener medals? These medals are not only used as an award but also used as a bottle opener. Just imagine, when you attend a competition, you may need to celebrate. Then the medal on your chest is useful. It is not a decoration but has practical use. Custom As for wine or beer events, it must be a good way to promote your products. Bottle Opener Medals are designed differently. You can make it with a gap or a fixed opener shape.

Custom Bottle Opener Medals


  • Custom Bottle Opener Magnets

Custom Bottle Opener Magnets are soft. It is light. Moreover, it is cheap. Finally, it is easy to store. You can pass it on a refrigerator or another place, which is easy to be seen and found. If you want to promote your company, it can be a great souvenir. Usually, there are two styles. It is designed on the back.

Custom Bottle Opener Magnets

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  • Custom Bottle Opener Keychains

The big advantage of custom bottle opener key chains is convenient to carry. Each person will have a house keychain or car keychain or else. You will often take it out. Custom Bottle Opener Keychains only enrich your keychains usage. When you join a party, it will perform its function. It is also a wonderful gift for promoting your company. Of course, its price is competitive.

Custom Bottle Opener Keychains

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  • Custom Bottle Opener Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are gradually used in most official occasions like tourist places, events, government, or big companies. Custom bottle opener challenge coins can also be given away as gifts at awards ceremonies and promotional events to leave a great impression on those that serve under you. Although its price is the same as custom medals, its design is delicate. And it conveys more information and is more attractive.

Custom Bottle Opener Challenge Coins


GS-JJ is a multi-product manufacturer with 20 years’ experience, which provides a one-stop service so that saves your most time. If you want to need some practical souvenirs, customizing a bottle opener is a nice way.

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