It’s time for craft-knowledge popularization. Today’s share is how to choose the right phosphor colors.

Why is it necessary to popularize the knowledge of magic phosphors? When ordering enamel pins glow in the dark, the chosen phosphor color and the light it finally glowed in the dark maybe not the same as what you expected at the very start. The reason is that you don’t fully understand the phosphors and how to choose them. So the importance of correctly using the glow in the dark powder is shown here.

glow in the dark

Let’s fully learn about the knowledge of magic phosphors in a question and answer format.

Q: What are phosphors or glow in dark powders?

  • A: Phosphor, also called Glow in the dark powder and fluorescent powder, is made of zinc sulfide which absorbs light energy when it is exposed to natural light, sunlight, ultraviolet light, etc. After stopping the light irradiation, it is slowly released in the way of fluorescence and can be seen at night or in the dark. The glow in the dark powder will last for several hours or more than ten hours. After the light energy of glow in the dark powder is released completely, it needs to be put into the light again to absorb light resources so that it can continue to glow in the dark.

Q: How many colors of glow in the dark powder are we, GS-JJ used?

  • A: We have common 16 color options: yellow-green light, blue-green light, sky blue light, red, white, green, orange, purple, yellow, orange-red, rainbow pink, light green, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent red, fluorescent blue, and other special color options are also available for your selection.

Q: Is the color of the phosphor the same in bright and dark places?

  • A: No, it’s different. Because the brighter color is the lower luminous brightness is (as shown in the figure below). As you can see, the light from the pink glow in dark power turns red, and the purple powder turns gray-green. Therefore, Customers have to attention that the light of the phosphor powder is inconsistent with the color of the phosphor itself. In other words, it is not that this phosphor color is changed to phosphor to emit the light of that color. So we also suggest that when choosing the powder color, customers should look at the contrast between the bright and dark to make the right choice.
At Daytime VS At Night
At Daytime VS At Night

Q: What kind of glow in dark power is the best luminous effect?

  • A: Yellow-green light, blue-green light, and sky blue light are the best in the dark. And we also recommend these three colors to customers. In addition, the larger area of the fluorescent colors on the enamel pins, the better the light effect in the dark. Especially for small areas that glow in the dark pins, it is strongly recommended to use three phosphors: yellow-green light, blue-green light, and sky blue. The glowing effect of the Colorful phosphor badge in a small area is much worse than the above three recommended phosphors.

Q: Can phosphors be mixed with colored ink?

  • A: Glow in dark powders can be mixed with colored ink, but the mix will darken the light effect of the glow in dark powders. Generally, the effect of adding fluorescent powder in transparent ink is better than that in colored, non-transparent ink, that’s to say, if you want pins’ luminous effect to be bright, you’d better to choose the transparent ink mixed with glow in dark powders.

Q: Does the color of glow in dark powder affect the color of enamel?

  • A: The color of glow in dark powder has a certain influence on the enamel color which mainly depends on the color of powder and the added quantity. But don’t worry that, our color masters have a fixed proportion for color matching.

Q: Is the phosphor on your enamel pins certified as non-toxic?

  • A: GSJJ uses the fluorescent powder materials with ROHS environmental protection certificate and EU EN71 heavy metal test certificate. Guaranteed safe, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic, ensuring your usage at ease.

Do you know how to choose the magic glow in the dark powder for custom pin badges now? If you have any other questions, leave a message in our comment area freely, or contact our online customer service directly.

Exit Luminous Pins
Exit Luminous Pins
Skull Custom Enamel Pins
Skull Custom Enamel Pins

At the end of the knowledge popularization of the glow in the dark powder, let’s enjoy our awesome glow in the dark enamel pins by GS-JJ.

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