In today of advocacy of individualism, the concept of “family” is becoming weak. The family members of the relationship are alienating and some are not even harmonious due to differences in educational backgrounds and values. However, the “home” as the smallest unit of the group is a buffer and a safe haven for individuals to enter the social struggle. The family emblem reflects the family members’ awareness of the “home” and can play a role in uniting the family to some extent. The capable friends can try to do it and design a family custom enamel pins for their family that don’t ask for a hundred, but seek unity.

Custom enamel pins
Custom enamel pins

Although the composition and color of the coat of arms are strictly regulated, for those of us who play the nature of the ticket, it is not so particular. It is very simple to create a cool family enamel pins for yourself. It only needs three steps.

Firstly, symbolic symbol

The most important thing about the family custom enamel pins is the pattern, that is, the selection of a suitable implication and the most of the symbolic symbol have their own meaning. Of course, you can also choose a pattern that you like.

Usually the symbols:

Lion: eternal courage (heroic)

Tiger: fierce, heroic, fighting

Bear: very fierce to protect the family

Wolf: a heroic leader, difficult to defeat or obstruct

Rhinoceros: if it is evoked, it will be very ferocious

Elephant: courage and strength

Leopard: heroic and hardworking

Black Panther: fierce and beautiful woman, defending young

Horse – ready for the monarch

Bull: heroic, strength

Wild boar: alone and fierce warrior

Goat: heroic, strategist, winner

Lamb: elegance and patience

Aries: Power

Hare, rabbit: enjoy peace

Squirrel: happy

Hedgehog: visionary, wise

Beaver: unwavering

Fox: make good use of intelligence or knowledge, be good at defense

Hound: courage and loyalty

Lion symbol
Lion symbol


Secondly, color matching

The strictest rule of heraldry is the use of color.

The colors are divided into two categories: one is metallic which includes gold, silver, and copper; the other is common which includes blue, red, purple, black and green, etc. The color of heraldic is only conceptual while the difference in depth between the naked eye is irrelevant. For example, gold and yellow can be used universally, silver and white can also be used; blood red and pink are red and there is no difference.

The principle of using color is: if it is of the same color that cannot be adjacent. For example, gold cannot be adjacent to silver and red cannot be adjacent to purple. The original intent of this rule is to create a shade of contrast that makes the coat of arms look sharp and legible. Most of the modern national flags follow this rule.

Of course, most colors also have their own meanings:

Gold, yellow and golden yellow: tolerant, generous and rich.

Silver, white or silver-white: peace and honesty.

Black: firm and sometimes metaphorical of the sad feelings and temperament of the master of family lapel pins.

Blue: loyalty and truth.

Red: the perseverance and resolute, noble behavior of the military.

Green: hope, joy, and sometimes as a solution to loyal love.

Purple, fuchsia: royal dignity, monarchy, justice.

Tawny, brow: respectable ideas and ambitions.

Blood Red: A person who symbolizes cautiousness on the battlefield but who is still always cared for by the god of victory.

Color Card
Color Card


Thirdly, lines and diagrams

The lines in heraldry also have a specific meaning which is generally used to symbolize the terrain:

Cloudy ripples: sea or water.

Ripple on the edge of the serrated: earth or land.

Zigzag dent: fire.

Zigzag lines: water.

The uneven picture along the road: the bumps on the way.

The wall line: fire, or the city fortress, the fortifications of the village.

The diagrams are used to express an identity:

Command: domination and power.

Cross and human figures: shelter.

Ring: military belt or surrounded by honor

Bar: refers to an individual who can balance his passionate temper with his own conscience, beliefs, and longing for glory.

Fence: the strength and strength of the Warriors.

Pile: same as above.

The square part of the upper right corner of the family custom lapel pins: with the mark of honor.

A quarter-circle mark placed in the four directions of the family custom pins: the acceptance of glory.

Curved: defensive or defense.

The enemies that are surrounded: mark the descendants of the royal family who have been inherited by others and lost their inheritance rights.

Property, gold, and silver: maintainers or protectors.

Spiral: unity.

Ripple on the edge of the serrated
Ripple on the edge of the serrated


Finally, with a suitable slang, you can use it as the artwork of family custom enamel pins. If you still want to make the artwork a finished decoration – custom lapel pins. You should find a suitable lapel pin maker to help you make it. Some lapel pin maker also can help you design with free. If you think that design such a family custom pins is difficult for you, you can also hand over the design to pin manufacturers. Pin manufacturers contact way:; phone number: 1-888-864-4755

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