In the Los Angeles of the United States, you can see that the centenary of the Los Angeles Philharmonic is being held. But the performance has become a large City Carnival in Los Angeles. All the performance is free for everybody. From the theme music of the Star Wars to Korean fan dance, have received thunderous applause from everyone. In addition, all workers on site wearing awesome lanyards deserve to receive all people’s respect because of their dedication. This time, you can follow me to see and experience the City Carnival in Los Angeles.

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Now, it is eight o’clock with more than 30 degrees. I have arrived at the Disney concert hall designed by Frank Gehry, a pritzker architecture prize winner. Two little girls standing next to me is holding the violin in their hands. They don’t be afraid of the heat sun, instead, listening to the signals of command patiently. They tell me that they start to play violin at the age of eight and just one year learning experience. A group of little children wore black, red, blue and other colors T-shirt and baseball cap printed with YOLA. YOLA is short for the Los Angeles youth symphony orchestra, established by 37-year-old Gustavo Dudamel. He is benefit from local youth orchestra system (Ei Sistema) since he is a little child. At final, he decided to create YOLA. His music group have taken participate in the City Carnival.

Los Angeles youth symphony orchestra (YOLA)

The centennial celebration begins because the Los Angeles philharmonic have established for 100 years since next year. The City Carnival in Los Angeles has taken “The Soul of California” as the theme, the score of “City of China” as start show, and singing classic song “LA Woman” by British Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Los Angeles gateway rock band drummer. Additionally, the City Carnival has invited minimalism composer John Adams and American composer Julia Adolphe to perform their premiere of the art works. The colorful scraps of paper fell down from ceiling have added the festival atmosphere for the City Carnival in Los Angeles. After the music concert, there is an outdoor dinner prepared for people, which is filled with California Spirit. You can taste the chardonnay and pinot noir from Napa Winery, and also the food produced by local place. Here, you can see Hollywood stars and famous people in music circle. Did it attract you? These famous people are rather low-key. If you are star fans, maybe you can meet the stars you like most in the City Carnival. Do you know Mexican director Alejandro Iñárritu that was awarded Oscar several times already? He is here, too.

The climax of the City Carnival in Los Angeles is the “WDCH DREAMS” performed by multimedia artist Refik Anadol. He uses high technology from Google to reweave a dream vision projection, with the theme of “Memory”, “Consciousness” and “Dream” in three paragraphs. The vision projection covered the appearance of the Disney concert hall, like a changeable tapestry.

In order to make the ceremony finished successfully, the road around the Disney concert hall and Hollywood Bowl is closed; only let the pedestrians walk alongside bicycles. “Angelenos are stuck in traffic the whole day, and seven hours without a car is a dream that have come true.” Seleta Reynolds as Transportation commissioner in Los Angeles said at the opening ceremony. Why did the City Carnival in Los Angeles hold successfully? Both of these come from the efforts of the workers who work silently behind it. When you see the performance on the stage, all workers are busy to manage the order and control the process of the performance. They work hard; Hence, Don’t forget to say thanks when you meet them. Sometimes, we cannot identify which one is the worker of celebration. You can see the theme color of the celebration. Each of celebration will have a theme color. Workers will dress the clothes with theme color or wear other decoration. Additionally, you can distinguish them by their own work card. All workers must have worn the custom made lanyards with their own work card. The best lanyards are vehicle to fix the ID badges. The special and good–looking lanyards can be played on publicity. GS-JJ is a customize lanyards maker and trader. We can provide the service for every customer. The professional designer has designed many awesome lanyards. We have many experiences on making lanyards. Don’t think too much. If you need custom made lanyards now, you should contact us now.

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