Last week, we published a blog named “How to Preserve Your Pins Collection”, the blog is well-received. Many customers wrote to us to tell us their unique ways to display their enamel pins.

However, one of our customers, Rebecca told us that: “After many years of pin collecting, I now only have some lanyards, some cork boards with my pins collection. I would like to find some other kind of creative & cute way to display all of my pins. I would appreciate it if anyone else has any good ideas or ways to display his/her enamel pins. Thanks in advance!”


So this blog was “born”:

If you are anything like Rebecca and every other newbie or fellow pin collectors, you’ve chiefly felt the fancy of pin collecting and you’re searching for creative and cute ways to display all of your lapel pins. GS-JJ now has gathered some creative and cute ideas here from our customers to inspire you. And trust us; there is no shortage of ways to do so.


❤ 1–Christmas Trees

Our Christmas tree display is a wonderful option for the coming festival. Hang your pins collection with Christmas element on your prepared Christmas Trees. It is practical especially for those who are looking for a more convenient use of lapel pins by hanging them with extra strings that keep the pins’ attachment and body together.

Christmas Trees


❤ 2–Polyfoam Decoration

You must already bought some Polyfoam decorations for the coming Christmas, such as snowman style,  snowball style, or just go to your room and find out those sweet pieces, such as below picture showed, the decorations made from Polyfoam are really suitable for fixing and keeping your small quantity of enamel pins collection.
Polyfoam Decoration


❤ 3–Embroidery Hoops

Easily customizable, cute, easy, and round, the embroidery hoops are perfect displays for a smaller quantity collection of pins. You can pick out your favorite fabric looks that accent your interior. The hoops have different sizes for displaying the different quantities of pins.

Embroidery Hoops


❤ 4–Pennants

We like these displays because they allow us to get creative with decorating and also provide a good opportunity for upcycling some old favorite fibers and clothes. For a smaller quantity collection of custom pins, just use the simple pennants. The pennant has a few squares in different colors to locate the pins. And you can also choose the pennants with twine color for a freestyle pinning.


❤ 5–Pin Pal

Without the custom enamel pins’ weight on your jackets or having to remove them for laundering, we like the pin pal as the swag tag for hanging display our small quantity of pins collection on garment bag rods. The metal book ring makes it easy to hang from any rod. You can also personalize your information and color preferences.

Pin Pal


❤ 6–Pillows & Bolsters

Look at the pillows, aren’t they neat? Wouldn’t you think my custom pins collections’ complete? Wearing them on jackets or purses is fun but you always run the risk of a loose pin disappearing on the streets of your city. These simple pillowcases give you better places to store and show off your favorite custom enamel pins!
Pillows & Bolsters


❤ 7–Dress Forms

These dress forms displays can also allow users to get creative with decorating them with our large pins collection. Do you have some dress forms that have been idle for a long time, or go to the junk market to find some useful one, choose a theme for your pins collection, and then add your pins on the dress form at will? The dull and monotony dress form regains vitality and attraction from then on.
Dress Forms


❤ 8–Lamp Shades

It is an interesting display way that displays your metal pins collection on the lampshades which are made from woven fabric materials, such as burlap. The re-use of a lampshade let the metal pins collection to be an interior design feature rather than just be the accessories. Balance your pins collection so the lampshade won’t be fastigiated with different load-bearing.

Lamp Shades


❤ 9–Basket

This kind of basket is great for our large quantity of metal pins collection. In addition, the existing holes in the basket are also very suitable for wearing our enamel pins. Go to your warehouse and find out if you have such an abandoned basket. After repainting or buying a new one is also a good choice to find a new location for your pins collection.



Ending Words:

If you’re in on the trend of enamel pins, you really need a creative place to put them to enlarge their charm. These enamel pins are indeed cute pieces to be displayed after all. Don’t just keep your pins in your sunless drawers! Trust us; you will be ecstatic to have all your pins out of drawers and on display. Hurry up to have a shot, your pins collection will be turned into an entire exhibition stage and design statement by these creative and cute pennants, embroidery hoops, pillows, and pins pals.


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