This is a customer order with a special interest in allomyrina dichotoma. In order to complete this customer’s order perfectly, our designer specially searched for a lot of information about allomyrina dichotoma who learned and studied the growth forms of it to lay the foundation for his design.



Insects are not only attractive, but their living methods and habits can be revealed by careful observation. Through the pictures of growing, the way insects grow is gradually revealed in front of us.


In the insect world, the process of development goes through four stages that is the morphological structure of egg, larva, pupa and adult, which is called “completely abnormal” development. In the process of development, only through the egg, nymph, adult three stages of development process known as “incomplete metamorphosis” development.

allomyrina dichotoma is the most common medium-sized beetles with horns in China and they also exist in Japan, Laos, Thailand, myanmar and other distribution. The larvae live in the underground and uses rot leaf soil for food; the adult mainly lives on the tree trunk which uses the SAP from the tree body and the mature fruit for food.

  • Egg 2- Larva 3- Pupa 4- Adult

Japan is obsessed with insects. Not only in anime, TV series and toy models, but also in Japan’s early armor are some elements of beetles.

The following search of a number of related cultures and derivative of the allomyrina dichotoma that can be said to be multifarious!

▲The allomyrina dichotoma PK match that similar to traditional culture of cricket of china

▲The allomyrina dichotoma in animate

▲The allomyrina dichotoma shape food:cream cake, chocolate, ice cream and fondant. It’s so hardcore.

▲The allomyrina dichotoma toys

▲The arts and crafts about allomyrina dichotoma

▲Outdoor children interactive facilities and allomyrina dichotoma mechanical, so cool!

▲The origami and stamps

▲The industrial product based on allomyrina dichotoma is the bell on the handlebar of mountain bike

▲Karaku’s ancient samurai helmets also had elements of Allomyrina dichotoma


Here’s the Allomyrina dichotoma custom pin which designed from GS-JJ!

 We produced all kinds of insects in a lot of orders, such as butterflies, bees, spiders, etc custom lapel pins. This time, GS-JJ has designed the insect custom lapel pins in a new way for customers. Let’s see the Allomyrina dichotoma enamel pins.


▼The Allomyrina dichotoma emblem draft

▼The photos of allomyrina dichotoma finished products

▼Display drawings of collectibles for Allomyrina dichotoma custom pins

▼Wearing display photos of Allomyrina dichotoma enamel pins


This pin is made of zinc alloy with gold plated. Imitation enamel craft and the back used the prick needle butterfly clutch


GS – JJ for you design if you want to get a set of unique lapel pins, please click: We will try more fresh and personalized designs and create more customized series for customers.




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