Hello, everyone, “The Craftwork Class of GS-JJ Custom Pins” is back with you.

Have you seen the lapel pins of the combined process? The lesson of today is mainly introducing the combination of pins. Before writing this blog about custom pins combination technology, we received some feedback from customers. They are very interested in the products of custom pins combination technology. They want to know what the combination technology of custom pin is and how to combine it.

Of course, firstly, we need to understand the definition and advantages of the custom pin combination process:

The combination craft of lapel pins refers to two or more craft on a pin. For example: soft enamel with hard enamel craft, sandblasting with soft enamel craft etc.

The advantages:

  1. Lapel pins are more characteristic and creative
  2. Can be more complex or logo design works perfect reflected
  3. More high-grade and suitable for collection

Before understanding the combination process of custom lapel pins assembly, we must be reviewed the six major processes of lapel pins first:


lapel pins

If you are already familiar with the six processes above, that’s great. Because our process combination is to carry out a 1+1 or 1+2 combination according to these six processes. In order to let you know more intuitively which technological combinations can be used, I especially drew the matching diagram for your reference:

matching diagram

If you look at the picture above separately, you may still be a little fuzzy about the combination of process matching. According to the picture above, we also listed the real display of GS-JJ combination process custom lapel pins:

Soft enamel with 3D/cut out craft:

Soft enamel with 3D cut out craft

Soft enamel with antique craft:

Soft enamel with antique craft

Soft enamel with sandblasting craft:

Soft enamel with sandblasting craft

Soft enamel with printing craft:

Soft enamel with printing craft

Hard enamel and sandblasting craft:

Hard enamel and sandblasting craft

Hard enamel with 3D/cut out craft:

Hard enamel with 3D/cut out craft

Hard enamel with sandblasting craft:

Hard enamel with sandblasting craft

Hard enamel with printing craft:

Hard enamel with printing craft

3D/Cut out with antique craft:

3D Cut out with antique craft

3D/cut out with sandblasting craft:

3D/cut out with sandblasting craft

Sandblasting with printing craft:

Sandblasting with printing craft

Antique with printing craft:

Antique with printing craft

Soft enamel, antique and 3D/Cut out craft:

Soft enamel, antique and 3D/Cut out craft


Hard enamel with antique

Hard enamel is not recommended for combination with the antique process, as the color will darken if they are combined.

Sandblasting with antique

Sandblasting and antique can’t be combined. Because sandblasting is aimed at bright electroplating and its effect of sandblasting use spray gun to spray. Antique plating is not the bright electroplating, sandblasting cannot be done so that the sand spraying process and the plating process cannot be used together. If you want the antique craft to have a sand point effect, we can be done directly on the mold.

This is the end of the craftwork class of today. The content of this lesson is not a much-written description, but mainly a comparison of pictures. I hope you can carefully compare them, and I believe you can quickly absorb the content. If you can’t wait to try the custom pins combination process, please click: https://www.gs-jj.com/lapel-pins/Custom-Lapel-Pins.

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