Whether in the streets or lanes, you can see the NY Logo Baseball cap everywhere. What makes it a popular logo? What’s the magic behind the NY logo that people see?  Look at the picture below, what it is? Friends who like baseball games must be very familiar with it. Yes, this is the New York Yankees logo.

Trading Pins
Trading Pins

Who are the New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees is a world-class baseball team, founded in 1901. As the king of MLB American Professional Baseball League, it has won 18 division championships, 40 league championships, and 27 world championships. The Yankees are the most successful baseball team in world history and one of the most influential sports clubs in the world.

With super-strength, the popularity of naturally rising boats. Since 1920, the Yankees have had more than 1 million home audiences. By 1946, the Yankees had more than 2 million home audiences. By 2005, the Yankees had gone to 4 million home audiences.


In addition to the team’s good talent training mechanism, its owner has been willing to spend a lot of money to attract the strongest also attribute to the flourish of The New York Yankees.

The Yankees are the only team in the world that has Hall of Fame players in every position (defensive positions can be included in the Hall of Fame). To have the most gorgeous lineup and the best stars, money is not a problem!

As early as 2017, the Global Sports Salary Survey reported that the Yankees were the second-highest paid sports team (the first is the NBA Cavaliers), higher than the average wages of football giants Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Jay-Z wearing NY CAP

All in all, the Yankees, which have been thriving for more than a hundred years, are no longer just a baseball team. They meet all the conditions, strength, wealth, and glory of the American Dream, all of which are concentrated in the YN logo.

How Did the Products Around the New York Yankees Flourish?

The rapper Jay Z is a loyal fan of the New York Yankees. During Jay-Z’s most brilliant period around 2000, he went crazy to purchase and wear Yankees products, causing some street rappers to follow suit and learn from the big brother, which is also a kind of low-level belief.

From this period on, the Yankees team culture began to develop horizontally, penetrating all areas of life.

Hillary Clinton wearing NY CAP
Hillary Clinton
Drake wearing NY CAP
Kendall Jenner wearing NY CAP
Kendall Jenner

Under the guidance of stars and celebrities, Yankees Logo has become a fashion symbol and is popular all over the world.

How Did the Yankees Trend Expand to the World?

The suppliers of Yankees have cooperated with more than 500 sports teams, but most of the sales come from Yankees baseball caps, which has led many to mistake NY as an independent brand.

Although it is not an independent brand, because of its hot momentum, street tyrant Supreme and its joint name and the luxury brand Gucci bring the image to the fashion show! Even the old Italian fashion house has decided to put an American baseball team logo on its clothes.

From $15 a baseball cap to Supreme and Gucci ready-to-wear show, the Yankees have once again fulfilled their cross-class American dream.

NY Joint Garment
NY Joint Garment


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