Recently, setting diamonds seems to be a fashion. The hottest news about a Russian girl, Daria Radionova, show attention and admiration. She filled her Benz with a million Swarovski diamonds. Later, she posted 1.3 million Swarovski crystals on Lamborghini. WOW! That’s cool! In the night, they make cars shinier.

Benz with a million Swarovski diamonds 1

Benz with a million Swarovski diamonds 2

Nevertheless, not everyone can own the wealth-power, but you can set the diamonds on the little goods like belt buckles. Of course, if you want to get the same effect in the night, using luminous powder is also a good option. I believe that each one can make it!

1) Using crystal on belt buckles

Whether it’s a large area of setting crystal or a small one, GS-JJ can help you to realize it. Crystal belt buckles are more attractive and delicate than general custom belt buckles. But the fees about setting crystal is high because it needs to be done manually and takes much time. Setting a crystal must be done on the metal. We just use crystal, not gem or jewelry. There are two occasions that use crystal. One is when you stress the key part. Another is when you embellish in the peripheral.



2) Using Luminous Powder on the Belt Buckles

What is luminous powder? The luminous powder first absorbs all kinds of light and heat, converts them into light energy and store, and then automatically emits light in the dark. By absorbing all kinds of visible light, the luminous function can be realized. In general, It’s hard to see with the naked eye, especially in the daytime. You can hold the product with your hands and close to your eyes without any lights or you can take them to the darkroom. The luminous powder is an environmental material. Using luminous powder is not special in the daytime but eye-catching in the dark. A large or small area can all be used. In all, Luminous powder can make products vivid.



3) Using the 3D effect on the Belt Buckles

If you don’t want your products to be more exaggerated. Another way – using the 3D effect is also a nice selection. If let the image be stereoscopic effect and looks more outstanding, the best way to do is to use 3D without color. Of course, if you need to show the colors, hard enamel or soft enamel crafts will be better. Don’t worry about the shape. The shape of belt buckles can be changed with your patterns.

Notes: In the 3D effect, some parts will be higher than the level. In soft enamel effect, although it is bumpy, all the design is still on the same level and no commanding height.


No matter which the shape is, the craft is, and the decoration is, you can order at experienced belt buckles maker – GS-JJ!


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