As for a company, raising awareness of product among the public and increasing the sales volumes is an important thing to think. Therefore, promotion can help company to introduce all kinds of information about goods to consumers, and persuade consumers to buy its product. Actually, promotion refers to a communication activity. How to find the suitable promotion ways is worth considering and exploring constantly for us. This time, GS-JJ, as a lanyards maker, wants to share some promotion ways to you. Hope this article can give you some idea and help.

  1. Providing free samples

Providing free samples is a commonly used way of promotion. And it is widely used in new store opening, holiday promotion or product promotion. The company usually set a certain time and date to attract people by free delivery sample. For example, customers who arrive at the store one hour before the opening of the store can get a free gift from the store. This promotional way can attract popularity and give surprise of getting a free gift to people. The aim of providing free samples is to build up customer’s trust for the product, except to achieve sales goals through probation. The retail food store can set up a counter in a conspicuous position and provide new food for free. For the cosmetic industry, they can provide small free samples on the counter, and give beauty treatment for the person who is willing to try new cosmetic products. It is effective to promote brand culture and brand awareness.

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  1. Discount Service

The discount service includes three ways, such as single package reduction, multiple reduction and price reduction mix. “Discount” is one of the most common forms of commodity promotion. You can make a discount to stimulate sales of goods, the end of the discount, back to the original price. In general, there are some single package reductions during some special festivals. Customers can enjoy the discount directly when they come to shop. Multiple reduction means that you can get the discount when you purchase amount reaches a certain standard, such as enjoying 5% discount when you purchase over 2000 RMB. Price reduction mix refers to that when you buy one product, you can add to buy another product and then you can get the discount. This kind of discount service often happens on two goods that need to be used together. Like the toothpaste and toothbrush, shuttlecock and badminton racket. The discount service is the fastest and most effective way to increase sales volume, and it also can cultivate and retain customer.

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  1. Seckill

“Seckill” refers to sale goods at special discount price within a specific period time. It can be divided into two types of seckill operation. The first type seckill operation: the activity is limited to a limited period of time; the goods in the store are sold at a lower price; when the time ends, the original price is restored. Another seckill operation is to sell several goods at the lower price in the store, and then publish a mobile phone number and let the customers call it. The first customer who calls the phone can buy the product with a favorable price. This kind of seckill operation can accumulate popularity in a short time. You can set up a seckill showcase to display seckill products. And you should do some effective publicity in the early stage. This activity must be carried out within the agreed time. On the one hand, it can show the rigor of the activity. On the other hand, it can attract attention of the past crowd.

  1. Wearing customize lanyards

Sometimes, you often see that some workman wear the customize lanyards that printed with their companies’ logos and names, or even website. Actually, you can let the person wearing lanyards become a mobile billboard. And its cost appears to be so insignificant when compared with the higher cost of traditional advertisements. There are many ways to distribute custom made lanyards. You can choose non-purpose delivery in crowded areas, or you can select the targeted delivery in the exhibition, or even you can package it into your products so that your customers can promote each other. Many customers ask our workers how to make their products get more publicity by using best lanyards. Firstly, you should print your logo on the surface of the lanyards and make it more visible. People can recognize your brand and goods at a glance. Secondly, you need to make your customize lanyards hanging with more functions, so that you can get more free mobile billboards. Of course, you can design beautiful lanyards. People can wear it on their neck as decoration. But you should know that higher cost lanyards are not necessarily to reflect the good effect.

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