Embroidery patches are patches for patching garments. They are denim embroidery, embroidered cloth stickers, gold thread embroidered badges, etc., which are made of various fabrics. PVC patches are evolved from cloth patches and are made of PVC soft rubber. PVC patches and embroidered patches can be used as accessories for clothing, used to decorate clothes, bags, shoes, and so on.

The Comparison of PVC patches and Embroidery Patches

PVC patches and Embroidery Patches
PVC patches and Embroidery Patches


From the comparison chart of the embroidery patch and PVC patch shown above, we can see that the color of the PVC patch is brighter and the color density of the PVC patch is superior. From the aspect of shape, the PVC patch is smoother and more rounded than the embroidery patch. In the same batch of PVC patches, two same PVC patches can achieve more than 98%, but there are no same Embroidery patches. This is because the embroidery patches are made of colored silk threads, most of which are done by hand operation. There is a certain error in the finished products by manmade, but the colors, patterns, and styles will always be the same. The PVC patch is heated by the high temperature of the machine and processed by the epoxy process. The high-temperature heating can melt the PVC soft rubber and completely fuse with the liquid pigment, and then make the PVC patch by the mold. This process makes PVC patches more colorful and more versatile. Most of the PVC patch process is completed by high-precision equipment processing, and the embroidery is better than the color saturation and size precision.

How to Use Embroidery Patches and PVC Patches

  1. Embroidery Patches

PVC patches and embroidery patches are used as accessories for clothing and bags, but due to the difference in materials and production processes, there are differences in the methods of use.

Embroidery Patches
Embroidery Patches


There are two ways to use the embroidery patch in the picture above. Generally, there will be a piece of dry glue on the back of the embroidered patch. This film is dry and has no viscosity at normal temperature. It will melt with high viscosity when heated at high temperatures.

The first method: Paste on the clothing. Use an iron to heat the cloth and stick on clothes firmly. Note: Clothes are made of fabric, and they cannot be heated by fire.

The second method: Sewing on clothing. The second picture is used to sew the patch on the clothes. It needs the same color thread or transparent thread to sew on it, in order to keep the cloth embroidery pattern intact. The second method of sewing the patch is more fastness than the first method of sticking the patch.

  1. PVC Patches

Since PVC patches are thicker than the embroidery patch. PVC patch will melt at the high temperature; the same heating method cannot be used for the PVC patch. PVC patch usually has a sew-on groove, and the sew-on groove portion is thinner than the entire PVC patch, which is convenient for us to use the PVC patch.

PVC Patches
PVC Patches

Thin White Line Flag PVC Patch Snapback – Camo

The first method: Sewing Velcro clothes. Custom PVC Velcro patches with Velcro are the most common type of patch, and the Velcro is convenient for us to replace the PVC patch at will. Sew the loop part of the Velcro part on clothes, sew the hook part on the PVC patch, and then attach the PVC patch with hook and loop parts. It is easy to separate them. This method allows us to change the PVC Velcro patch on the garment at will, which is very convenient.

Different stypes PVC patches
Different stypes PVC patches


The second method: Sew the PVC patch on clothing. This method does not require the use of a Velcro, but it is only necessary to affix the PVC patch through the sew-on glove and stitch it to the garment. And it is not possible to change the Velcro on the clothing at will.

The third method: Paste the PVC patch on clothing. This kind of PVC patch can stick anywhere by the double-sided tape without the sew-on groove. However, the double-sided adhesive has a limited viscosity and can only be attached to a flat and smooth surface, and the method is disposable and is suitable as an advertising label to be attached to an object such as a bag or a box.

Use Range of Embroidery Patches and PVC Patches

Embroidered patches can be used on most clothing bags. However, the embroidery patches mainly adopt two methods of high-temperature bonding and sewing way, and cannot be used on an uneven and high-temperature resistant object, such as PU bags, leather bag Since the embroidery patch is made by sewing with colored silk thread, it is not suitable to use the washing machine for washing, it is easy to be deformed and fade when washing for long-term. However, the embroidery patches made by hand embroidery are very delicate and beautiful and have certain collection value and significance.

Embroidery for multiple purposes
Embroidery for multiple purposes


Since the PVC patch can be patched by the Velcro, it does not require high-temperature heating, double-sided adhesive bonding, and other methods. Therefore, the PVC patch can be used on all flat garments and bags, and the scope of use is basically unlimited. PVC patches are very soft, durable, and waterproof, not easy to fade, not easy to deform, long service life, machine washable with clothing, cheap. It can replace by the Velcro to DIY clothing easily. However, PVC patches are not resistant to high temperatures and are prone to discoloration under high temperatures.

The embroidery patch as an ancient clothing accessory can inherit traditional craftsmanship and meaning using traditional embroidery techniques. The embroidery patch still use hand-crafted embroidery, which has more cultural characteristics and craftsmanship than a modern craft PVC patch. The PVC patch uses a modern process to further develop the function of the embroidery patch. PVC patches of modern technology are produced through high-precision equipment processing and are inexpensive, so PVC patches have been used as popular promotional products in the marketing of the market.

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